In a high security prison, the dreaded Warden often takes his prisoners out to "play". Casualties among prisoners are high, the prisoners can't take it any more. This time, things will be different...

In Jailbreak, the Warden assigns the prisoners various tasks and games for his amusement. The prisoners may either follow these orders to the letter, or start a rebellion and take over the prison for themselves.


  • Guard queue system
  • Opt-in warden voting system
  • Complete custom UI
  • Identifiable Gradient HUD
  • Custom weapon selection
  • Auto-mute dead players (Dead players only hear other dead players)
  • Auto-mute prisoners at round start
  • Large selection of weapons
  • Weapons can be dropped by players
  • Weapons are dropped when a player dies
  • Weapons restricted to one per type per player (One primary, one secondary, one special)
  • Warden waypoints system, allowing multiple waypoints to be placed at one time
  • Spectating system so players can follow the action
  • KOS Zones (Pre-configured for ba_jail_blackops, jb_kittens_b1, jb_lego_jail_pre_v6-2, jb_new_summer_v2, jb_parabellum_xg_v1-1)


What convars are available for customisation of my gamemode?

  • jb_spectate_on_join [Default 1] Players are moved to the Spectator team when they join the server.
  • jb_showprisonerguns [Default 1] Show holstered guns on prisoners.
  • jb_showkoszones [Default 1] KOS zones are visible.
  • jb_allowgrenades [Default 1] Smoke grenades can spawn.
  • jb_weapon_movespread [Default 1] Weapons lose accuracy when the player is moving.
  • jb_weapon_recoil [Default 1] Weapons use a custom spread pattern.
  • jb_weapon_damagescale [Default 1.0] Scale all damage dealt by default weapons.
  • jb_wardencontrols [Default 1] Allow Warden Controls menu.
  • jb_mapvote_weighted [Default 1] Use weighted vote system. This helps new or less-known maps appear on the vote more often. Best with a large number of maps.
  • jb_mapvote_extendlimit [Default 2] Number of times a map can be exended. 0 for infinite.

How do I configure my own KOS zones?

Load your map in single-player with your Jailbreak gamemode. Enter into your console "sv_cheats 1;give weapon_jb_kosadmin", this should give you the "KOS Zone Admin" tool. Simply left and right click to set the boundaries for the zone, hit Reload, and click "Update Zone".

To edit an existing zone, hit Reload, move the "Edit Zone" slider until the zone you want to edit is highlighted in white, then edit as normal.

To remove a zone, hit Reload, move the "Edit Zone" slider until the zone you want to edit is highlighted in white, and click "Delete Zone".

I want to write an addon for this gamemode, what hooks and variables are available?

Server Hooks

  • CanStartRound Performs start-of-round checks. Returns Boolean CanStart.
  • CheckForVote Called whenever the gamemode checks for a map vote. Starts a map vote if necessary.
  • CheckWin Called periodically to check if win conditions have been met. Runs End Round functions.
  • LastPrisoner Arguments: Player Called when the last prisoner is alive. Used for last requests system.
  • PrepTime Called when PrepTime starts, start of Warden selection.
  • RoundEnd Arguments: WinType _[END_JAILOR/END_PRISONER/END_TIME] Called when the round has ended.
  • RoundStart Called when the round starts proper.
  • SetupTeams _Assigns players to appropriate teams.

Shared Hooks

  • GetActivePlayers Arguments: [Team or nil] Gets a table of active (alive non-spectator) players in the specified team, or all active players. Returns Table Players.

Client Hooks

  • HUDDrawAmmo Arguments: Player, ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight Draw Ammo counter HUD elements.
  • HUDDrawTeamPanel Arguments: ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight Draw Team Panel HUD elements (Top right corner).
  • HUDDrawTimer Arguments: ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight Draw Timer HUD elements.
  • HUDDrawVoice Arguments: PanelWidth, PanelHeight, Player Draw a player's voice notification panel
  • HUDDrawWarden Arguments: ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight Draw Warden HUD elements (Top left corner).
  • HUDDrawWeaponSwitch Arguments: Weapon, Index [Number - Position in Menu], Highlighted [Bool] Draw an element for the weapon switch interface.
  • DrawSpecHUD Arguments: Player, ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight Draw Spectator HUD.

Shared Variables

TEAM_JAILOR Guard team.
TEAM_PRISONER Prisoner team.
Round State
ROUND_WAIT Waiting for players.
ROUND_PREP Pre-round.
ROUND_ACTIVE Active round.
ROUND_OVER Round ended.
Round End Type
END_TIME Time ran out.
END_JAILOR Guards win.
END_PRISONER Prisoners win.


This addon will be kept compatible with the latest official release of Garry's Mod for as long as it is available here. If you have any issues, do not hesitate to open a support ticket. Support will only be provided via support tickets.

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