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Metro of the day MOTD

Ever gotten bored of the old, poorly made MOTD you have to see every time you join your server?

Well, not anymore!


Simple looking Metro style based MOTD. Fully customizable looks to your liking.
But just because it looks simple it doesn't mean it's simple under the hood.


•Changable background, with a simple image upload and 1 name change
•Fully customizable boxes, starting with the color going over to actions
•Easy to set up, as simple as drop in the addons folder and an easy configure
•Effects like fading over to webpage and box highlights
•Easy to add and use icons
•Changable row ammount from 2 to 3
•Customizable click functions which include(Page view in the built in browser, page view in steam browser, console commands and actions)
•Addon format (Just drop it in addons and you are done)
•Sleek and simple design
•Works on any gamemode


Under media tab
You can see just a little bit of how much configurability there are, there are so many changable and addable settings
You can also see every changable config there


•Extract the zip file you download
•Open the created folder
•Copy the metromotd folder over to your server addons folder

? Remember to disable any other motd's!


•Go to addons\metromotd\lua\autorun
•Open config_metromotd.lua
•Customize the addon to you liking

To-Do list

• Custom panels for stuff like rules {Will be worked on very soon}


If you have bought my addon and have ANY issues with it, feel free to submit a support ticket to me so I can help you.


If you have any questions about the addon, feel free to either ask them here in comment section or add me on steam

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