Custom ban message


Shows a custom message for banned people when they rejoin the server(Doesn't change the message when you get banned, that is set by the admin mod)

Let the banned people know when they can return to your server.
No more need for people adding admins and owners to ask "Why was I banned?", Eh, just wasting both theirs and your time.
Just simply let them know: Who? Why? When? And when they can come back.


•Fully customizable messages
•Ability to see when a banned person tries joining or has a wrong password
•Simple and easy setup.
•Addon format.
•ULX, exstos, evolve and serverguard support.
•Future more admin addon support (After suggesting which)
•Should work with any gamemode


Under media tab
You can see how configurable it actually is
You can see how it looks from the banned persons perspective


•Extract the zip file you download
•Open the created folder
•Copy the banmsg folder over to your server addons folder


•Go to Addons\banmsg\lua\autorun\server
•Open config_banmsg.lua
•Customize the addon to you liking

Keep in mind!

This addon is compatible with vanilla ULX, evolve and exstos.
Any addons that disable local tables or change any of those addon functions will most likely not work with my addon
Any ULX ban addons that don't save in the local table as well as the DataBase, will not work with my addon.

So in short, most add-ons that make the bans global will probably not work.

To-Do list

•Add more admin mod compatability (Suggest me which)


If you have bought my addon and have ANY issues with it, feel free to submit a support ticket to me so I can help you.


If you have any questions about the addon, feel free to either ask them here in comment section or add me on steam

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