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Very simple script yet one of the best I have ever purchased!

TristanP13 rated

The first script I ever bought on Gmodstore. I love this - it does what it advertises and no more. A need-to-have script for keeping users informed.

Threebow rated
Tim rated

I can pretty much say I have no issues with it so i'm giving this script five stars.

Ryan rated
John Beton rated

I have now used this in about 5-6 month... And if you have players on windows 10 expect them to crash when they are in the loading screen.. (DarkRP) Had the same problem on 2 different servers... My players on windows 10 keeps crashing.. Please fix it, else it is a great script, and works well.. Easy to use.

I personally have windows 10 on 2 machines, neither have any problems, have other people with windows 10 that have joined without ever having problems. Also the ban message does everything right as you attempt joining, if they crash when it's loading screen it has nothing to do with Ban Message. Also love how you never came to me for support with your "issue".

AvoxPaine rated

Easy config, still useful, has more features than ULX's ban message.
The notifications for wrong passwords while the server is locked is very useful, and the notifications for banned players trying to join is equally noted.
I'm not sure if this was just me, but the ULX ban message seemed to have a word count and didn't give the information I needed in my server's ban message.
Never had any issues with it.

MλttBSG rated

Has unfortunately outlived one of its main purposes with ULX since the ban kick template is modifiable. You can still use this for password protection however. For what it was before ULX updated a few months ago, it's worked perfectly

KONGA rated

Very useful, easy to config and install. Works perfectly.

No more chasing up who banned who for unban requests on your forums - just ask them to post the necessary information!

Works great. Now not only can I ban people, I can watch them immediately try to join back in hopes that it didn't really ban them!

Anri rated

It works, enough said

Works perfectly!

JINX rated

Just Perfect! It makes it so much easier for people to make unban application knowing what staff banned them for and the reason!

Dr. Apple rated

I myself as an experienced gmod lua scripter hadn't even been able to find out myself how to do this until I purchased this script. Great buy.

Manually assigned Bedcorn | Back | rated

Love this now I know when banned players and people try to join my dev servers lol! Anyways great addon

Sleepy rated

Works perfectly

Great addon, Fast support, recommended because it gives banned players more information then the stock ban message

Georges ツ rated

Works perfectly

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