Suggestion addon

New update!


• Added a way for admins to easely see which people have voted for or against a suggestion
• Fixed a mini derp on my side, which caused new downloaders to have an issue with create button not showing(MySQL was enabled by default, which caused a problem)
• Fixed non admin not being able to addd/ view or vote on suggestions if using ULX was disabled


• Added ULX access for: Viewing suggestions, adding suggestions and voting on suggestions
• Added possibility for specific ULX groups to have specific max suggestion numbers
• Added timeout for chat notify
• Added configurable top text (Default: Suggestions for {ServerName})

? Changed files: cl_metromotd.lua, sh_metromotd.lua, sv_metromotd.lua

Now MySQL support is built in the addon

Have your server users help you make your server better!

Now they can create suggestions and vote on other people suggestions.


A simple and easy to use addon with which you can suggest an idea for the server. After that other people can freely vote if they think it's a good idea or not. An admin or owner can later see what people feel like should be added to the server, and decide on adding it.
After all it's the users that play on the server and it's always good to know what they think!


•Fully customizable color scheme (Any color on it can be changed)
•Fully customizable messages
•No need for a database, but if you use the MySQL DLC you can use a database
•ULX permission support
•Optinal approving(Suggestion is visible to everyone else only if it's approved)
•Addon format (Just drop it in addons and you are done)
•Sleek and simple design
•Works on any gamemode (Opening button or text can be changed)
•Quick download (has no materials, only 3 small lua files)


Under media tab
You can see just a little bit of how much configurability there are, basically any part can be changed to any color
You can also see every changable config there


•Extract the zip file you download
•Open the created folder
•Copy the Suggestions folder over to your server addons folder

If you are going to use MYSQL support do this as well:

•Set up Mysqloo which is available here: Mysqloo
•Copy both the files like it says in the link


•Go to Addons\Suggestions\lua\autorun
•Open sh_suggestions.lua
•Customize the addon to you liking

To configure MySQL do this:

•Go to Addons\suggestions\lua\autorun\server
•Open mysql_suggestions.lua
•Set the IP, Port, Username, Password, scheme name and change Enabled to True
•If you want you can change the table name too

To-Do list


If you have bought my addon and have ANY issues with it, feel free to submit a support ticket to me so I can help you.


If you have any questions about the addon, feel free to either ask them here in comment section or add me on steam

Q: What can an admin do?
A: Admins atm can delete, change status on a suggestion and copy suggester's SteamID and name

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