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Dan rated

Had it for ages and still works perfectly - Anyone who wants their players to easily suggest things should get this without a doubt.

kolcek1187 rated

Good addon, waiting for some updates like new gui.

#Attache rated

Use it for elections, people put their tickets in, admin approves, then players vote. Simple, fast, elegant, no perfomance issues. Life saver addon :)

NASA rated

My server uses this everyday. It's amazingly awesome. Highly recommended

Kezzy rated

Works great, a lot more people on my servers use it than I thought they would. Good job.

Ryan rated

Would get if your a server owner which wants to know what he/her community wants +1 dude gg

Predator rated

Very well.
This script works very fine, and the developer is very kind!

The Freeman rated

Really nice script keep up the good work

Cian rated

Very nice, must have for any community. This allows people to have their suggestions heard by the people playing in game. Much more convenient than forums.

Only suggestion would be to allow ulx commands or urls in the text part, say if you were to link an addon they could just open it up it the steam browser.

MrGacype rated

Great addon !

SP Daft rated

Works , and helpfull , people can say what they think about server and tell us what they want

slmann101 rated

Great addon this is cheap and Works great on my server keep up the good work.

Grimnox rated

Nice release man, would like to see some updates.

Dick rated

I got this to find out what my players really want when I'm unable to play. Its great and would recommend.

McSniper rated

Amazing system, helps me interact with all my users easily

Hanm13 rated

Good system, must have more updates :)

AwPanda rated

Really good everyone on the server was impressed that they can now suggest addons in game. Good Job :)

Royalty rated

Very nice, I love being able to see what my players would like to see on my server. 4/5 stars, wish it wouldn't spam the chatbox when more than 3 people open it at the same time.

My forums were dead so I wasn't getting any suggestions, but as this was added lots of people started telling me what they wanted.

Comedian rated

Very good, my server can now keep track of what the majority wants.

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