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Job Employers. A very user friendly, well made script.

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What is this?

Job Employers is a Job System meant to replace the Jobs tab in the F4Menu to add more realism and RP.

How does it work?

Create one or as many Job Employer's as you like, and edit them to your liking. Change the model, header text, remove or add as many jobs as you want, with just a few simple chat commands.

Everything is done in-game so no coding skills is needed!


And a whole lot more I forgot!

Chat Commands

  • !createjobs -> Lets you create a job.
  • !savejobs -> Saves all of the jobs position, etc.
  • !editjob -> Let's you edit jobs.
  • !resetnpcs -> Resets the job NPC's.
  • !getid -> Gets the job NPC's ID you're currently looking at.
  • !deletenpc -> Deletes the current npc you're looking at, permanently.

Is this configurable?


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Check out my other scripts!
Check out my other scripts!
Check out my other scripts!

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