A checkers minigame meant for any gamemode, preferably Sandbox or DarkRP. The rules follow closely to Straight (American) checkers.

Checkerboards can be spawned directly through the Spawn menu by admins or through the easy-to-use spawning setup system. Super-Admins can make permanent checkerboard spawns for a particular map.




  • Simple user interface (UI)
  • Smooth animation
  • User-friendly
  • Mouse support (left-click to select, right-click to make the play)
  • Keyboard controls ('WASD' to move, 'E' to select square, 'R' to make the play)
  • Pieces become Kings once they reach the back row (if possible)
  • Kings can move backwards
  • Ability to make multi-jump moves
  • Win DarkRP money against opponent
  • Board spawn system
  • Surrender button (or 'CTRL' to surrender)
  • Easy-to-configure
  • And more!

I will be pushing updates frequently if new problems arise.


Checkers Demo
Note: The script may have been improved from when the video was posted in July 2016.


Drop 'checkers' folder in garrysmod/addons. Also, I have included a couple spawns for rp_downtown_v4c_v2. If you want to use these, drop the 'data' folder in garrysmod/data.

Spawn System

The spawning system is simple. You can either spawn a checkerboard in the Spawn menu as an admin or with some initial setup as a super-admin.

In console, type these commands to...

To add a spawn: check_addspawn spawn_name
To remove a spawn: check_removespawn spawn_name

Note that 'spawn_name' without quotes specifies the name of the spawn.

Remove ALL map checkerboard spawns: check_removespawns

NOTE: You only have to do this once for a certain map.

Spawn all checkerboards: check_spawnboards
Remove all checkerboards: check_removeboards


You can easily modify the configuration file to your likings.


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