This is a simple refund system for DarkRP entities. As an example, let's say that many people are money printing on your DarkRP server. Suddenly, the server abruptly crashes. Once the server is back up, the players may return and complain about the situation and perhaps even beg for a refund.

With this system, players will be able to get a % back on their lost DarkRP entities from a server crash. They could even respawn some of their lost entities and refund others. This will help reduce the frustration among your server community.

This would be great for servers that experience unexpected server crashes or developers that like to restart the server to push new updates for the players.

Any DarkRP entity that is registered with DarkRP.createEntity qualifies as an "entity" for this system. Weapons and shipments that are registered through the DarkRP system will also work fine.

Please keep in mind that this system is simple and will only save basic information (including the variables from the new NetworkVar system) on the potentially lost entities upon server crash. Re-creating the entity will be similar to using the duplicator tool.

If the server crashes or restarts (and a player had entities, weapons, or shipments beforehand), then the refund menu will automatically open when they rejoin. If they close the refund menu, they can type !refund before leaving to get a refund. This system is automatic--admins do not have to do anything!


DarkRP 2.5.0 and above Note: DarkRP 2.5.0 and above only!

This system fully respawns Money Clickers!, NEW Money Printers by Tomas.::., The Real Printers along with other custom entities, weapons, etc.

This system should work with other custom printers, if they were coded efficiently.


  • Automatic
  • Refund menu opens on rejoin after server crash
  • Refund RP Cash for all entity losses
  • !refund to re-open refund menu
  • Respawn lost entities
  • Respawn lost weapons and shipments
  • Ability to refund some entities, weapons, shipments and respawn others
  • Restores NetworkVars if applicable
  • SQLite storage (versus using text files)
  • Entity protection from kicks, bans, game crashes or client timeouts, etc.
  • English and French support
  • Ability to add more languages (directions in main language file)

NOTE: The refund menu will not open if you do not have lost entities, weapons, or shipments.


Note: The script may have been improved from the time of posting.


Drop in addons folder.


  • What should the refund percentage (%) be?
  • Allow only refunds on lost entities?
  • How often should an entity's network variables be updated?
  • When respawning lost entities, are players allowed to surpass the entity limit?

Feel free to edit the configuration file.

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