A live version of this addon is available to test out on Our server.

NLR Enforcer for DarkRP (2.6.2 and up)

DarkRP addon to enforce the New Life Rule. It creates a sphere that ghosts your character so you cannot break NLR. This addon will reduce the weight on your staff's back by reducing the amount of NLR breaking on the server.


  • Supports multiple New Life rule spheres at once per player
  • Save spheres on disconnect, restore them on reconnect to prevent abuse (until server restart)
  • Job- and usergroup-based NLR enforcement whitelist to disable sphere creation
  • Logging for all actions in the NLR system
  • Administration command to remove spheres per player, works with any CAMI admin mod such as ULX, ServerGuard and FAdmin: /clearnlr <target>
  • Privilege to control what usergroup receives a notify whenever someone enters their New Life Rule sphere
  • Disable sphere creation on spawn points
  • Great optimization, very lightweight addon
  • Developer-friendly hooks
  • Extensive configuration files including, but not limited to, sphere radius, color, time, fade, suicide, etc.
  • Drag 'n drop installation

Built-in support for

  • AWarn2 warning
  • BLogs logging
  • ServerGuard admin mod logging
  • DarkRP team spawn positions
  • Any other third party addon that calls the developer hooks

Future features (free updates)

  • suggestions please!

Installation method

  • Unzip the module and place it into your addons folder.
  • If you have any further inquiries regarding installation please send in a support ticket or refer below on how to contact me.

Bugs & suggestions

Whether you have a suggestion, request or a bug report, please do not refrain from opening a support ticket on ScriptFodder or contacting Devul on Steam.


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