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Statistics for your server

A new web panel created to accurately track players connecting to your server. Once a player enters your server, their Steam ID is passed to the loading screen which saves their data to a MySQL server. The web panel displays this information through ChartJS (the same charts SF uses). Upon adding a server to the web panel, it instantly updates with the server's player count. More information below.


  • PHP webserver
  • MySQL server



The dashboard is the first thing you'll see after you're automatically redirected to log in through steam. The left column contains all servers you've added along with the total connections gathered from all servers. The right column contains the most recent players that have connected to your server.


The servers page is pretty self-explanatory. Add servers here so you can configure their loading screens/installations.


The stats page displays all the servers' stats. It includes Unassigned server data for those moments when you may accidentally change the server ID in your sv_loadingurl or delete a server. Make sure you're copying the exact config line for the admin panel to get the correct server ID. You can also choose a date and the panel will display stats for 7 days after the selected date. Otherwise by default the panel displays the past 7 days from the present day.




The users page displays every user that has connected to your server after installation of Theta. Includes pagination for all you larger server owners out there!

Loading Screen

The loading screen has many features others don't. First of all, it shows the live map, gamemode, and how many players are in the server using source query. Theta hosts on online panel for the loading screen's configuration. Map images are loaded from gametracker, but you have the choice to change it. CSS wise you can only customize the border color and background image (more configuration coming upon request). The rules use animate.css and includes a link to pick a different animation within the panel. The loading screen uses YouTube links and titles to play, loop, and display the song name at the top right (You can also adjust the volume at the bottom of the config panel).


Adding the DarkRP database at the bottom of the online panel will show the player its RP name, money, and the total economy of the server.


Please do not add me. Use the ScriptFodder support ticket system until I can get mine online. Thank you.

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