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Rager.usd rated

Great script, I still don't know how to install it kappa.

You never replied back to your ticket :v I'll get this set up for yah!


Sdun rated

Was not working at first. Contacted developer, was fixed quickly. Great support and great addon overall.

LMM rated

Awesome script 10/10 and super amazing support it makes me happy :D


Glad you like it! Thank you :)

Blue rated

8/8 GG Amazing script

Glad you like it! Thank you :)

fox rated

Script looks amazing, as so do the rest of ATomIK's. Sadly this is just one of them that don't work. After contacting Tom, I received no support. Simply just had a bad time with the script, but looks like everyone else is fine.

Enough said.


|DC| Drewbie rated

Awesome & Outstanding!

Glad you like it! Thank you :)

Alpha rated

This is the most ridiculous loading screen/status ever the making of the loading screen is easy nice design the stats are amazing the nice animations flow so smoothly with everything on this.

It logs everyone's join date time for both my rust servers and garry's mod servers just outstanding!

Glad you like it! Thank you :)

Outstanding piece of kit, packed with many worth while features.

ATomIK has outstanding support, replying to tickets within minutes usually. I issued some bugs to him and he got them fixed within a few hours by updating the script.

Rating - 10/10

Glad you like it! Thank you :)

Tyler rated

Took me 30 seconds to setup, and it works great. Very easy to edit to your liking, and the design in general is very nice.

Glad you like it! Thank you :)

Manually assigned Beast rated

This is more than a loading screen, this is an expansion on a server owners server. This not only is a loading screen, but also provides details as to what has been going on for the owners community. The EXTREMELY easy to use configuration and setup makes this one of the best things I have ever used as far as web projects go.

As someone who has known ATomIK for quite a while, it is great to see how far he has come with his projects. He is extremely talented, and this shows it heavily.


Glad you like it! Thank you :)

Great Script, Great support. Few bugs at start but all fixed up now. Buy dis shit cause it ain't shit lol :D

Thanks! Good to see you like it! :) If you have any other issues just send in a ticket @ http://atomik.info/theta/support

hello minions:

Very well coded.
I enjoy looking through the code.
It has extra layer protection just incase htaccess is gay somehow.
Made by ATomIK

Glad you like it! Thank you :)

xxXMLGXxx rated

Glad you like it! Thank you :)

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