• Customization for just about every aspect on the Scoreboard.
  • Two Styles of the scoreboard
  • Ability to add as many buttons as you want to the side bar.
  • Ability to edit/change your tag and tag color in game with live updating.
  • Ability to edit/change your Underline color in game with live updating.
  • Ability to restrict tags and underlines to only some ulx groups
  • Ability to charge your players "pointshop 1 points", "pointshop 2 standard points", "pointshop 2 donator points", "darkrp cash" or it can be "free"
  • Ability to remove/change players tag in game through the admin menu.
  • Ability to set tags to only last for X amount of time
  • Ability to add and remove columns to the scoreboard
  • Ability to add custom commands on the user info panel.
  • Multi gamemode support works with almost any gamemode!
  • TTT support for grouping
  • TTT support for marking
  • If a gamemode doesnt work just create a ticket an I will help you get it working for you.


Q. Can i change the colors to my communitys colors?
A. Yes, Almost all the colors can be changed if you cant change a color please make a support ticket and I will add support for you to be able to change it.

( Ask more question and they will be answered here)


For bugs, please create a support ticket! If I do not get back to you within 36 hours please just wait this means there are a lot support tickets thank you for your understanding.

Demo of live updating

Shows the titles/Colors Customize

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