This script uses a DRM, but you don't need to link your server

Advanced Government Computer

Welcome to AGC. Looking for a police computer for your server ?
AGC is made for you with attractive design and great capacity.




  • NEW Police record
  • NEW Government logs
  • Manage Arrest
  • Manage Wanted
  • Manage Gun licences
  • Manage citizen complaints
  • NPC for file a complaint
  • Cooldown time between 2 complaints
  • Speed warrant, wanted
  • Multi languages
  • Warrant/Wanted.. only from computer (True/False)
  • Hacker can now makes warrant/wanted/unwanted..
  • Translation system
  • Better hacking system
  • agc_remove & agc_save for save/remove entity
  • Computer for passenger (vehicles)
  • Delete player's logs
  • SQL
  • Compatibiliy driver license

Next update

  • Mayor frame (manage employees, lottery, laws..)
  • Icon settings (new theme)
  • License plates
  • Send message to all officer
  • Data/Comment on records
  • Fine
  • Your suggestions

How to reach the computer?

You can reach the computer through an entity. (agc_computer)
You can reach the computer through a vehicle :

  • Bind a key (spawnmenu)
  • Add vehicle to the "whitelist"
  • Then cops can access to the computer through a vehicle


  • You can choose who can access to the computer. (Only CPs : Yes/No)
  • You can choose if complaints stay after restart. (Yes/No)
  • You can choose if players can access to the computer through a vehicle (government). (Yes/No)
  • You can choose a custom background. (5)
  • You can determine who can delete complaints.
  • You can translate the script. (Easy)
  • You can save entity with agc_save & agc_remove (console commands)

Credits :

Sorry for my bad english, I'm french. Don't hesitate to report misspelling!

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