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Amazing loading screen, if anyone needs help setting it up send me a message on here and I will see what I can do.

Will rated

Would recommend to anyone. Had a bit of trouble, but the mod maker was extremely helpful and was quick to respond.

An amazing loading screen! Great price, looks great, easy to setup. Would recommend this to anyone who needs a loading screen! Plus it doesn't cost much money!

Great loading screen! Most likely the most purchased loading screen also!

its_diego rated

Good support and awesome script :D

InfernoXF rated

Great addon with a great developer, very good support too.

Pierre7817 rated

Fabulous loading screen and excellent support !!!

Great loading screen, recommend buying it, easy setup

|DC| Drewbie rated

Very nice script it's easy to setup and very well explained in the help text that comes with it.

momo951 rated

Very good.

roro rated

I love this script it too well

It is very good but it only cycles 2 out of the 5 songs i have.

iDubstep rated

Very stylish looking loading screen. Easy to configure / customize. Also, very cheap for what you get! :0 ..One little error with loading of the mapname, when you remove the automatic loading of the servername and gamemode. I contacted the scripter about my problem and we found the solution very quickly. ( Also, REP +1, if that was working right now.. )

[AG] Alabama rated

Looks great and the maker is very helpful when there are any problems. Looks good and easily deserves 5 stars.

Manually assigned Renegade rated

This loading screen is awesome, customizable, and the author of it is very helpful. I bought this script back on CoderHire, and he helped me then too, and like 5 minutes ago he helped me, and now my loading screen is working 100% again.

Warning to EVERYONE: If you are using x10Hosting then STOP, it creates errors, use http://www.hostinger.co.uk, it works great. and it TOO is free!

☭TSAR_ rated

This script is very different from other loading screens. Most of the time when I join a server all I see is some boring screen that shows the rules and server name, but this one stands out. It's very colorful and its use of the Steam API is excellent. I recommend this to anyone who wants to make their server stand out from others, because believe me, when people join, they'll be happy with the server they picked!

Manually assigned Beast - Extremely Sick [Slow Support] rated

The first script I ever purchased, and still remains sexy. Now, it is on practically every server you join, but for a good reason, it looks nice! I miss the good times when it wasn't on everything, and my loading screen was still semi unique, but those days have passed now. Still however, a great loading screen with a great developer! I remember him helping me over a year ago when I got this, and knew nothing about any sort of coding. This is definitely a good investment if you're looking for a clean loading screen for your server.

BlitZz rated

Perfect layout, quality code and easy to config/add!

Very nice looking, and pretty easy to set up.

Manually assigned QG | Bob Dylan rated

Used on too many server xD

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