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Let's introduce you to GExtension. As the name says, it's an extension for Garry's Mod. But not just an extension, rather it unites the most important functions that your servers need. Everyone knows the problem: You have five different add-ons with or without websites (e.g. Donations, Player Administration, Global Ban, Warnings, etc.) and everything is messed up with different designs, different login information, different user data, different groups and nothing is connected with each other. This isn't only irritating, it also costs a lot of time. I developed GExtension to help you remove these barriers and let you concentrate on improving your players game experience instead of messing around with your add-ons.

GExtension includes accordingly the most common functions. There is a central web panel called "GMOD Web". There, every player and admin can login through steam, see their stats, search other players, donate, chat, see their bans, create ban appeals, create tickets and much (!) more.

GExtension includes lots of features, not all features are listed below!

Import Options:

You can import your data from the following addons:

  • Prometheus (donations)
  • SDonate (donations)
  • GBan (bans)
  • AWarn2 (warnings)
  • ULib/ULX (bans+users)
  • ServerGuard (bans+users)

Notice: GExtension does not replace ULX/ServerGuard but is working close together with them.

Here is a short list with the features of GExtension:

  1. Serverbundles
  2. Donations (paysafecard, PayPal, G2A Pay, Payssion, Stripe)
  3. Player Administration
  4. Bans
  5. Warnings
  6. Server Console
  7. Tickets
  8. Teamspeak 3 Synchronization
  9. Multi Language with innovative translate-collaboration
  10. Adverts
  11. Shout Box
  12. FAQ
  13. Server Status (Garry's Mod & Teamspeak 3)
  14. News System
  15. Reserved Slots
  16. Statistics
  17. Search
  18. NEW "Team" overview
  19. Notifications (+ E-Mail Notifications)
  20. Chat Tags
  21. Automatic Updates

Here is a detailed list with the features of GExtension:


  • Serverbundles are used everywhere in GExtension. Instead of configuring donations, bans, warnings, groups, etc. for every server, you can create bundles. For example TTT, DarkRP or Jailbreak. If someone gets banned on a server in the bundle TTT, he will be banned on all TTT servers, if someone donates for DarkRP, the rewards apply to every server in the DarkRP bundle. And if you don't want to use bundles, you can just create a bundle for every server and so give your server custom names instead of the hostname.
  • Every bundle has its own color, name and icon
  • You can simply add/remove a server to/from a bundle


  • Package categories
  • Admins can create packages, for which players can spend money
  • Payment gateways
    • PayPal
    • paysafecard (manual confirmation)
    • paysafecard (partner) -> Complicated, but fast verification (business required)
    • G2A Pay -> Complicated, and eventually slow verification (business required)
    • Payssion -> Easy and fast verification (no business required), but 20$ payout fee (-> you shouldn't payout often)
    • NEW Stripe
  • Coupons
  • Buy for someone else
  • Monthly goal (+ event goal)
  • Custom price and free packages
  • Permanent or limited to an amount of days
  • Rebuyable and upgradeable packages
  • Lots of rewards
    • Pointshop (1, 2 & SH) (with or without MySQL)
    • Groups (+ remove group on expire)
    • Weapons (on spawn)
    • DarkRP (money + levels)
    • DayZ (credits + items)
    • TTT (no spectator-prop limitation + no voicedrain)
    • Other (reserved slot)
    • Teamspeak 3 (servergroup, channel, channelgroup + removal)
    • ConCommands (directly (one server/all servers), on connect, on spawn, on expire)
    • Lua (directly (one server/all servers), on connect, on spawn, on expire)
    • NEW HTTP GET requests
  • Compatibility settings for each package
  • Statistics
  • Auto refund/chargeback detection
  • Set a discount (in %) for a serverbundle
  • Various options to customize the donation page
  • Option to replace "donate" with "shop"
  • Tax Settings
    • Enable automatic EU-VAT
    • Create country-specific rules
    • Block purchases from countries without specified tax amount
    • Add taxes to the price or include taxes in the price
  • Sales report by country and period
  • Automatic invoice generation

Player Administration

  • Set the groups of every player on web and any serverbundle you created
  • Groups are synchronized to your servers. If a player is "moderator" in the TTT bundle and joins a TTT server, he will get the specified rank.
  • GExtension does NOT replace ULX or ServerGuard, it only sets the group on connect and checks for the correct group every five minutes. You can create/delete/configure the groups on the server via ULX/ServerGuard
  • See the users IPs used on web and gmod
  • Commands: "!profile <player>"


  • Groups have to be named the same on web/gmod
  • You can specify a "Display Name", so players may see "Administrator" instead of "superadmin"
  • Enable Chat Tags
  • Every group has its own color, permission level, page permissions, permissions and settings
  • NEW Associated webgroups
  • Permission level: Create a hierarchy by giving a higher or lower level
  • Page Permissions: Specify which pages a group can access on the webpanel
  • Permissions: Specify which functions a player can use. Examples:
    • Can the user delete a ban or just unban
    • Is the user able to see the console of the server
    • Is the user able to send commands to the server
    • Can the user edit an other user
    • Can the user give a package to an other user
    • Is the user able to respond to foreign tickets
    • Can the user delete a warning or just can set it inactive
    • Etc.
  • Settings:
    • Will the user get kicked from the server if he is banned (if you want to prevent abuse)
    • The maximum length a user can ban
    • Reserved Slot (if the server is full, the newest player will be kicked)
    • TTT (no spectator-prop limitation + no voicedrain)
    • Disable automatic Teamspeak 3 channel deletion
    • NEW Security: Disable in-game group changes


  • Ban players on your server or on the webpanel
  • Bans apply to a serverbundle (or ban them from all bundles + web)
  • Users can be banned from the webpanel (so that they can only see their own bans/warnings)
  • Players can see their bans and warnings and are able to create ban appeals
    • You set an URL OR
    • Use the internal ban protest system. The user can send an appeal and the admin who banned the user will get notified and can accept/deny the protest
    • Unban date, unban admin and protests will be shown in the ban details
    • Commands: "!bans" (and "!ban <player> <length> <reason>")
  • "Repeat Offenders" page, showing a list of 50 players, ordered by number of bans, warnings & activity


  • Your team can use the modern warn-menu to warn players
  • Players will get notified about a warning
  • Kick on reaching the kick threshold
  • Ban on reaching the ban threshold
  • See/Set inactive/Delete/Add warnings on the webpanel
  • Commands: "!warn <player> <reason>" and "!warnings"

Server Console

  • See your server's logs in real-time on the webpanel
  • Send commands to your servers
  • See the logs from the last three server sessions

Reserved Slots

  • You can select an amount of reserved slots for each server. They are working like the ULX reserved slots in mode 3
  • If the server is full and a user with a RS connects to the server, the newest player will be kicked
  • There have to be some hidden slots, to guarantee that everyone can connect even if the sever is full


  • Users can create support tickets
  • Admins can answer
  • Categories
  • Instructions
  • Commands: "!tickets"

Teamspeak 3 Synchronization

  • You can set a Teamspeak 3 servergroup for every group for each serverbundle
  • Users can set their Teamspeak 3 UniqueID in the settings
  • If the group of the user changes, the group will also be changed on your teamspeak server
  • You won't have to regrant servergroups/channelgroups anymore if someone reinstalls teamspeak
  • Integrated Teamspeak viewer
  • Create a channel for a user directly on the profile (+ delete after time)
  • 10 days before a channel gets deleted, a warning will be prepended to the channel description


  • Manage adverts on the webpanel
  • Create Multi-line text adverts
  • Assign adverts for each bundle
  • Select a color for the advert


  • Let your players chat with each other on the webpanel
  • Admins can moderate the shoutbox

Multi Language

  • Every user can select its own language
  • You can set a default language
  • Language files get updated every ~24 hours
  • Collaborate with other users by using the Language Center


  • Create FAQ questions and answers that players can see on the FAQ page

Server Status

  • On the "Servers" tab, everyone is able to see all your servers, the amount of players and a list of online players
  • See the status of your Teamspeak 3 server and a Teamspeak viewer
  • See the total amount of players on your Garry's Mod servers
  • Colorization of the online players and direct URL to the user profile

Player Statistics

  • The time a player spent on your servers will be logged and is displayed on the players profile
  • See statistics for every serverbundle


  • Use the search function to search a player by name to get on his profile
  • There you can see statistics, bans, warnings, donations and much more
  • The latest active players are displayed on the search page
  • List all players that are in a specified group
  • NEW List all players that used an specific IP-Address in the past

Notifications + E-Mail

  • GExtension comes with a notification system
  • If something happens (like a new donation, ban appeal, ticket reply, etc.) the correct user will receive a notification
  • You can also enable E-Mail notifications


  • To make it easy to get the newest version of GExtension, there is an update system included. You just have to click a button and your web-files will get updated to the newest version. And with a click on the "Lua" button, you can download the newest Lua files as well.
  • NEW Cleanup methods: Tidy up your database, remove unnecessary/old data

GExtension is a modular system, so pages, settings, permissions, themes, api etc. can be added very simple through an addon system. Further can you add "External URLs" in every menu you like.
See Wiki:Addons



  • At least PHP 5.5, better 5.6 or 7
    • MySQLi
    • cURL
    • BC Math
    • allow_url_fopen
    • Zip
  • Static IP

MySQL server

  • Remote connections must be allowed if your GMOD and MySQL are not on the same machine

Garry's Mod server

  • MySQLoo (or tMySQL)

Common knowledge about web-, gmod- and mysql servers (!)


Download the files and follow the instructions in the README file.

It may takes up to one minute until your license gets unlocked.


GExtension can be used with one website at once. You may create more instances if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. All instances are used for the same community
  2. All instances are located on the same webserver (same IP)

Additional licenses can be purchased for 25$ each.


Use the Wiki
Create a Support Ticket
Discussion, Feature Requests & more: Forum Thread

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