This is a MOTD with a quite unseen design but works very well, opting for a simplistic, yet unique and sleek design, and requiring no additional downloads for your clients, while also being very customizable.


  • Works right off the bat!
  • Simplistic but unique and sleek design
  • No downloads required!
  • Replaces ULX's MOTD, even if enabled
  • Chat command to bring it up (!motd, /motd, .motd)
  • Should support all gamemodes and admin mods
    • tested on DarkRP, Sandbox with ULX
  • Works on all resolutions (minimum: 1024x768)
  • Prints in the chat when a player switches server using the MOTD!

  • Easy configuration
    • You just have to know how to set values in Lua
    • Some changes to the config file can make the MOTD look a lot different
    • You can practically modify everything
  • Serverhopper feature!
    • The bottom-most button of the list will display the list of servers you have set up to be shown, so your players can connect to your servers hosting different gamemodes and such.
      • Can easily be disabled by emptying the table for it
  • Ask for agreement of the rules with just a few settings
    • Kicks on disagreement (configurable message)
    • Configurable player message on agreement, and you can turn it off
  • Accent color that does most of the custom UI colouring for you.
    • Customizable button names, colors and URLs
  • Custom logos with just a need to specify an URL to your image!


Same as any basic add-on!

  1. Unzip "" into your server's add-ons directory.
  2. Make sure the "silkymotd" directory is in there before freaking out about it not working!
  3. Leave a review!


This is the default look's configuration.
It should be straightforward enough.

Default config demo part 1
Default config demo part 2


Q: It doesn't work!!!

A: Unless you give me some error, I can't help you with just that. Make sure you installed it properly, and didn't screw up the original config.

Q: It does something weird with the admin mod / gamemode I'm using!

A: Add me or create a support ticket about it, and tell me which addons / gamemode you are using!


If a script error / bug has shown up, something looks wrong or you simply have a feature suggestion, add me or create a support ticket! I should be able to do something about it.

Don't forget to check out silkyMOTD's sister add-on, silkyHUD!


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