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Character System for DarkRP

DarkRP addon to enhance the character system within the game. It allows you to have your own character model that persists throughout lives and through jobs (unless specified by the server administrator). It also entails a character description system your characters can modify with ease. It is shown on any character you look at.


  • Great UI, inspired by Google's Material Design
  • Multi language support (English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norweigan, Portugese, Danish)
  • NPC system that allows you to dynamically add and remove NPCs at will
  • MySQL support (built-in DarkRP's MySQLite library)
  • Administration commands, works with CAMI supported admin mods such as ULX and ServerGuard
    • manage characters from the category Character creation for DarkRP on the ServerGuard panel
  • Great optimization, very lightweight addon
  • Developer-friendly hooks
  • Drag 'n drop installation
  • Extensive configuration files



  • /editcharacter opens an interface to edit your character data. Costs $50,000 by default.


  • /placenpc <id> to spawn an NPC.
  • /removenpc to remove an NPC.
  • /char_creation_force_description <target> <description> to edit your target's character description
  • /char_creation_force_model <target> "<model>" to edit your target's character description

Installation method:

  • Unzip the addon and place it in your addons folder.
  • If you have any further inquiries regarding installation please send in a support ticket or refer below on how to contact me.

Future updates

  • multiple characters per player

Bugs & suggestions:

Whether you have a suggestion, request or a bug report, please do not refrain from opening a support ticket on ScriptFodder or contacting DevulTj on Steam.



  • English - DevulTj
  • Dutch - Lolmeid
  • French - Morile
  • Portuguese - Kroshnikov
  • Spanish - Flayero
  • Danish - ChewyMint
  • Swedish - Lord Cappy

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