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Other custom versions of DarkRP are not supported, and don't count on my support if you're using a custom version of DarkRP with modified core features.

If you have VCMod ELS you can use that for lights and sirens. However, I have made a cheap alternative if you just wish to put lights and sirens on the fire truck. Check out my Advanced Firetruck DLC


Want some more action to your server? Well this might be an idea for your server then.
This addon introduces a whole new job for your server, a new way to make money, and a new way for criminals to mess with the government. It leans close up to what you have seen on many other RP gamemodes (such as ocrp and perp). Mainly because they all use the same fire effect material (just like I am now).
Below you can see what you can customize, as well as the features of this addon.


  • Fire system.
  • VCMod support!
  • Many config options to modify it to your liking.
  • Randomly spawns fire on the map with your own fire spawn locations, set with a console command.
  • Map based saving. Save fire locations for as many maps as you want and swap around.
  • Administration commands. Kill all fires, check current amount of fires and spawn fire at target. (fire_admin_killfires, fire_admin_curfires, fire_admin_spawnfire)
  • Firefighter job. Job can be customized at DarkRP Fire System/lua/autorun/fire_darkrpadds.
  • Fire extinguisher. Extinguish fires and receive money.
  • Fire does damage. Can be customized for both firefighters and non-firefighters.
  • Random fire won't spawn if there is already fire anywhere in the city.
  • Molotov cocktail weapon. Purchase it using your F4 menu. Entity can be customized at DarkRP Fire System/lua/autorun/fire_darkrpadds.
  • Firetruck NPC. Firefighters can retrieve firetrucks from this NPC. There is plenty of config for this NPC in the configs file.
  • Remove specific fires in-game. Use the command ch_remove_fire "uniquename" to remove a fire. No restart is required.
  • ULX commands (read more below)
  • And much more!


This addon supports DarkRP 2.6.+
Other newer versions should also work. If they do not, please create a ticket so this can be sorted.

Extract the "darkrpfiresystem" folder to your addons.

Once you've done that, you will want to put up locations for fire to spawn at, randomly.

All you have to do, is go to the locations you want the fire to spawn at, and type "ch_create_fire name" into your console.
The "name" part has to be an unique name for the randomizer to recognize the fire location. Suggestion: Just go with 1,2,3,4 and so on for your fires.
There is no need for a restart, and you will just have to wait for the timer to hit 0, and it will spawn the fires.

Once you've done that, you will want to set up the firetruck NPC for the firefighters.
This is two steps. The first step is placing the firetruck NPC. Go the the location you want it to be at and type "firetrucknpc_setpos" into your console.
The second step is setting the location for the actual firetruck to spawn at. Go the location you want it to be at and type "firetruck_setpos" in console.
Remember to aim in the right direction, so you get the right angle on these 2 things.

You must be an administrator on your server to perform these actions.

Including printer explosions fire, and meteor fire.
I've included documentation on how to make printers leave fire when they blow up, as well as meteors creating fires when they hit the ground in a meteor storm.
You can find the file, and read how to do it (replacing some code in two files, if you use default printers and meteor system that is), inside the folder for your representative version. 2.4.3 and 2.5.0 has different documentation.


The content within this addon is none of mine. The fire materials I have no idea who made, but they are originally from Pulsar Effect (don't think they made them though).
The firetruck is created by Sgt. Sickness. All credits to him.
The molotov bottle and the extinguisher models and materials also have unknown authors.

Because I am not the author of the models and materials, they are uploaded to a third party host (My media fire account).
You can download the content HERE - MediaFire.
A kind user (nzkfc), has uploaded this content to the workshop. You can locate it HERE - Workshop. If you are to use the workshop link, you do not need to force download the media fire content on your server.

For update 1.6 and after you are required to download the extinguisher workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104607228. It is set to automatically download in the resource file.

ULX Commands

With update version 1.6.5 ulx commands has been added to the script.
Here is a list of the commands:

  • Give molotov to player. (!molotov player)
  • Give extinguisher to player. (!ext player)
  • Make player fire fighter. (!forceff player)
  • Start fire at target. (!startfire)
  • Turn off all fires. (!fireoff)
  • Start all the fires set on the map. (!allfires)
  • Check valid fire names and position on the map. (!validfires)

You can also find them all by typing !menu and going under the category "Fire System".


To customize the addons settings, go to DarkRP Fire System/lua/autorun/fire_config.lua.
In the top of the file you can customize the settings shown below.

-- General Config
FIRE_MaxFires = 250 -- Maximum amount of fires that can spawn/spread. [Default = 250]
FIRE_RandomFireInterval = 300 -- Interval between random fires are generated around the map. [Default = 300 (5 minutes)]
FIRE_RemoveAllOnLastDC = false -- Remove all fires when there are no more players on the server (to prevent lag?). [Default = false]
FIRE_SpreadInterval = 120 -- Time between fire spreads (in seconds). [Default = 120 (2 minutes)]
FIRE_ExtinguishPay = 10 -- Payment for turning off a fire. [Default = 10]
FIRE_NotifyOnExtinguish = true -- Send the player a notification that they've received money for extinguishing fire. [Default = true]
FIRE_AutoTurnOff = 0 -- Fire will automatically turn off after x seconds. 0 and it will burn until put out with extinguisher. [Default = 0]
FIRE_RandomizeFireSpawn = false -- Will randomize if a fire spawns or not when FIRE_RandomFireInterval hits 0. true is enabled, false is disabled. [Default = false]

-- Fire Damage Config
FIRE_FireFighterDamage = 2 -- The amount of damage fire fighters should take from standing in fire. [Default = 2]
FIRE_FireDamage = 4 -- The amount of damage everyone else should take from standing in fire. [Default = 4]
FIRE_VehicleDamage = 6 -- The amount of damage vehicles should take from being in fire. [Default = 6]
FIRE_DamageInterval = 0.5 -- The amount of time between taking damage when standing in fire (in seconds). [Default = 0.5]

FIRE_BurntPropColor = Color(120, 120, 120, 255) -- If a prop hits the fire, it will set on fire and turn into this color (burnt color). [Default = Color(120, 120, 120, 255)]
FIRE_IgniteProps = true -- Should props ignite when touched by fire? [Default = true]

-- Firetruck Config
FIRETRUCK_VehicleScript = "scripts/vehicles/firetruck.txt" -- This is the vehicle script for the vehicle. The default vehicle script is from Sickness Models.
FIRETRUCK_VehicleModel = "models/sickness/truckfire.mdl" -- This is the model for the firetruck. The default model is from Sickness Models.
FIRETRUCK_NPCModel = "models/odessa.mdl" -- This is the model of the NPC to get a firetruck from.
FIRETRUCK_Health = 500 -- The amount of health the fire truck has.
FIRETRUCK_MaxTrucks = 3 -- The maximum amount of firetrucks allowed.

-- Fire Axe Config
FIREAXE_FireRange = 450 -- If there is fire within this range of the door, firefighters can open it. [Default = 450]
FIREAXE_PlayerDamage = 5 -- How much damage should the fire axe do to players. [Default = 5 (0 for disabled)]

-- Fire Pyro Job
FIREPYRO_EnablePyroJob = true -- If you want to enable the pyro job and the cheap molotov cocktail, set this to true. If not, set it to false. [Default = true]

-- Fire Extinguisher Citizen
FIREEXTCITZ_RemoveTimer = 20 -- The amount of seconds before the fire fighter is removed from the citizen after he start using it. [Default = 20 (Recommended)
FIREEXTCITZ_ExtinguishPay = 4 -- Payment for turning off a fire as a non-firefighter. [Default = 4]

You can also customize the material that fire will spread on! Here is a list of all the available enums: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Enums/MAT

Errors & Support

If you find any problems with the script, please PM me with details of the situation and a copypaste of the error in console. Additionally, i rarely give additional support for my scripts. If there is a general error with the script, an error that you can prove happens, and is my fault. Send me a PM here on CoderHire. We'll figure it out there, and perhaps a chat on Steam after I've responded to your PM. I am also not interested in modifying you a custom version of the addon. Also not upon payment. Sorry!

Conflicting addons is not to be said if I will support that or not. This is something I will decide upon confrontation about a conflicting addon. If you have some sort of proof that an addon is conflicting with my addon, please send me a PM with the details you might have.

Thank you!

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