UPDATE: 2.0 is not out yet.

Talos VGUI is complete, sleek and rich looking solution for your DarkRP server. With flexibility and configurability it features HUD(Agenda,Ammo,Darkrp,Overhead), Scoreboard and F4 menu. Addon works on all resolutions above 1024x768.


  • Nice Steam-Like Avatar border color(HUD and Scoreboard)
  • Literally all colors configurable(over 220 configs just for this)
  • Smooth background gradient coupled with shadows for sexy look
  • GUARANTEED no pink/missing textures for custom materials used in addon
  • Easy Drag-an-Drop installation. Just put it in your addons folder
  • Easy disable features you dont want, for example entire scoreboard or F4 menu
  • Scoreboard quick admin commands, ranks that can use them are configurable
  • Scoreboard spy mode, make certain ulx ranks show as user on scoreboard
  • VIP and Custom Jobs tabs in jobs section of F4 Menu, 100% configurable
  • F4 Menu Categories support, 100% configurable. Set which tabs you want to or not use categories
  • Vrondakis Leveling System support(more can be added on request)
  • Supports Hungermod
  • Affordable - considering what you get for only 8.99$


  • DarkRP 2.6+
  • ULX or FAdmin if you want admin buttons on Scoreboard


  1. Download and Unzip
  2. Put talos-vgui folder into your addons folder
  3. Configure the config file to your liking(talos-vgui/lua/talos_config.lua)
  4. Configure the skin file to your liking(talos-vgui/lua/talos_skin.lua)
  5. Restart the server
  6. Done

Youtube Example video, skip to 3:07 to see laptop resolution look(1366x768)


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