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I should have completed this a LONG time ago, so I decided to finish it after the release of Theta. The blur idea dawned on me back when Neth used it in his script designs. Ran across the "frosted glass" CSS technique shortly after, but never went to work on it for some reason. Anyways, enough talk. Let's jump right into the


  • simplistic version

broke screenshot

  • cooler version

broke screenshot

  • DarkRP money leaderboard
  • or Pointshop 1 points leaderboard (if no DarkRP tables found)
  • or Pointshop 2 points leaderboard (if no PS1 tables found)
    • (top 3 players on the server currently)
  • Live server stats (player count, gm, and map)
  • Newest player (since Cryo installation)
  • Markdown-supported "About Us" section
    • or a "Server Staff" featurette
  • Single page configuration
    • Scroll down to log in and edit the loading screen
  • Database info reset
    • Does not reset loading screen, allows you to change the deets
  • Revert save (loading screen saves configs to a history)
    • Goes back one save (history view coming soon)


  • MySQL
    • local file saves coming soon
  • PHP5 supported webserver

  • For the DarkRP money leaderboard, you must install Cryo on your DarkRP database.
    • no bugs or security vulnerabilities, it just allows the script to read wallets


Send in a support ticket. I will block you on steam if you add me.


Due to the digital distribution of this product, I will not allow refunds.


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