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Em Eden purchased commented 2 months ago

9 Months later still haven't figured out how to make it work.

the page or Script Support is not reponding....

Hello how do we install Cryo on our Hosting. There is no tutorial to explain the installation of Cryo. Thank you for your help.

Jonaruto2 purchased commented 5 months ago

how i can add more than one Admin who can edit the Joiningscreen?

Sky purchased commented 6 months ago
-snip- (comment removed)
ATomIK author commented 8 months ago

Added to the to-do list!

@ ATomIK Yes, i plan to use this Loadingscreen on my Basewars Server and this will be a nice feature.

ATomIK author commented 8 months ago

@Superbrain8 are you asking if it will support displaying basewars economy?

is there an way that this will Support Basewars?

ATomIK author commented 9 months ago

@Bounty[ßŦ] Cryo can't read sqlite databases.

Bounty[ßŦ] purchased commented 9 months ago

This may be a dumb question, but will Pointshop 2 leaderboards still work if the PS uses a mysql database vs. sqlite in the server?

ATomIK author commented 10 months ago

Send in a support ticket for starters!

NubCake ๑ﭥ purchased commented 10 months ago

Okay.. Im lost.. i have no idea how to install this.. Looked on Youtube even google.. Nothing helped me.. Could you please show me how to get this up and running? :)

ASALA purchased commented 11 months ago

Evrything is perfect , you make good update cryo ! :)

ATomIK author commented 12 months ago

Something's wrong. Send in a support ticket.

Why purchased commented 12 months ago

I get a vertical scrollbar on the side, is this due to the design or am I just doing something wrong?

ATomIK author commented 12 months ago

Send me your suggestions in a PM. Been spending time on Alpha Load's revamp. I have another update coming out, but I've covered most features that were planned so far.

Morman Vegan purchased commented 12 months ago

Honestly, I like the loading screen, but I was expecting pumps of updates happening? This loading screen isn't fully did in my opinion.

ATomIK author commented 12 months ago

@Ubre & @[FL:RP] Spooky MJ shoo minges

$3.99? Waste of money imo

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