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s00L rated

Best loading screen out there in my opinion

appreciate it.

Poor support, and is broken looks like nobody else is getting help either.

You never sent in a ticket. Support was fixed weeks ago.

Sky rated

Doesn't work, sent in a support ticket for help. Guy got back to me a month later saying the issue is not with his script but with my own server and nameservers for my web host. Which can't really be since I've tried it on 3 different web hosts and they don't work. So we have a broken script with terrible support (which he changed where you get support and that place is broken too). All round terrible purchase and wish I could just get a refund

Jesse rated

Non existent script support, seller takes six week+ long holidays, his own support website has been broken for weeks, and it seems he's just disappeared completely everywhere with people needing support. It's unacceptable.

but then the world needed him the most - he vanished

Pretty good, The DarkRP money is a little confusing to set up and support is a little slow but overall very nice script for 3.99

SiKa rated

Just the best!

ASALA rated

Need more update , and more options to disable.

Manually assigned Mikey Howell rated


✪ Razgriz rated

Great loading screen for the prince. Easily modifiable

Blue rated

Very Nice Clean Modern Design

Very easy to setup
Had no problems what so ever.
I really like it

Manually assigned Beast rated

Very well done, from a very good developer. I've known ATomIK for years now, and he's never failed me once with the quality of his work, this being no exception! Extremely easy to setup and configure, as well as easy to modify.

One of the best loading screens on this site.

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