Note: Configuration support is not included in this product. All configuration is explained in full detail in the file, with examples. We can answer simple questions, but we are not here to write your configuration files for you.

Note: This script requires you to port forward your server in order for it to work.


Billy's Keycard Scanner is a revolutionary keycard and keycard scanning system. bKeycardScanner has the features that your players will love, with the potential to even replace Willox's keypads! (The keypads that you see everywhere)

What's a keycard?

The keycard is a card given to the player automatically (this can be switched off in the config) that uniquely identifies them during their session. It allows them to be scanned by keycard scanners which will therefore authorize or deny access to the door.

What's a keycard scanner?

The keycard scanner is the machine that actually scans the keycard. This is spawned by the player using their toolgun, which is then configured by pressing E on it. You can read up on how to configure a keycard scanner at the [help page](), which there is also a shortcut to in the menu.

How about keycard scanner cracking?

Yes! There are two different keycard scanner crackers.

One is designed to be faster and the other is slower. The faster one can be given to donators while the slower one can be given to regular users, for example.

You can also customize the timings of each cracker.


bKeycardScanner makes your server unique and more fun to play on with its automated features and custom, dynamic models, textures and VGUI.

- Spawned via toolgun by players and admins

- Fading door support/keyboard key pressing emulation

- Advanced config both in-game and in Lua

- Identification - replace /me with an automated system by right clicking

- Keycard Scanner mirroring - easily share data between two scanners

- Authorize teams/jobs, allowing for division-only access (SW-RP) or class-only access (SCP-RP)

- Authorize specific SteamIDs (players)

- Authorize usergroups (ranks)

- Lockdown - temporarily only let the keycard scanner creator access

- Dynamic, custom keycard scanner texture

- No configuration required on DarkRP (default weapons, such as the keycard, are handled for you)

- Keycard Scanner cracker and pro cracker with customization cracking time

- Permanent keycard scanners

- Linking to all types of doors

- Add custom Lua code to a keycard scanner using customChecks

- Normal keycard scanner cracker AND pro keycard scanner cracker with customizable timings

- Linking to map buttons

- (Coming Soon) Wiremod support

And more with your ideas...


II_PYRO_II for making the models.

My other scripts

DRM Notice

bKeycardScanner uses a DRM called SecureGMod. It is used to protect my script from piracy and to keep business fair.

Any problems that result from a DRM should be handled appropriately. A DRM should never hinder a customer's experience. If you believe the DRM is hindering your experience (for a rational reason which you can back up) I can offer you a non-DRM version of the script.

SecureGMod does its best to be fast and effective. It does not use any of your server's bandwidth and updates are released regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly.

This notice does not mean that the littlest error that occurs that you have not attempted to fix is going to grant you a DRM-free copy. A DRM-free copy is a last resort.

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