Personally, I run a server, and hosting an event takes an enormous amount of time, effort and coordination. It was borderline impossible to prepare to host an event in under 30 minutes, and always having to deal with 'that guy' who ruins it all. It was crazy. So I made this, and its extremely handy and makes it very easy to host an event.

Feature list:

  • 10 Events (Comment with suggestions! Space for more!)
  • Is in English/Français/Deutsch
  • Has a nice interface
  • Teaming system
  • Organizes players to be ready for the event (Teleports the player, sets their HP, armour, strips them and gives them fists)
  • Comes with 5 arena dupes (but you can simply make your own and set the spawn points in-game with the admin menu)
  • A winning system where the winner of an event automatically gets a prize!
  • Has an automated event system so events happen every x amount of minutes (changeable in the config)
  • You can run multiple events at once
  • You can add your own events
  • Players can join certain events mid way through with you not even having to blink an eye! Its all automated!
  • Supports any RP gamemode (Especially DarkRP, Military RP and now StarWars RP! - for any other gamemodes if you pop me a message I can do a test for you, but it should be fine :) )

The events

  • Random event - You decide what that is and tell people what to do.
  • Random Team Event - You decide what your event is and tell people what to do. If your event involves team, you can choose this run for it to designate people into 2 teams.
  • Team Death Match - Two teams are put against each other, whichever team gets the most kills win
  • Fist Fighting - In this event players are stripped and left with fists, they are then(in the provided arena) set to fight each other
  • Car Racing - In this event players have to spawn/buy there own cars and take it to a start line (which is a green box on the map) it's essentially first to the red box wins.
  • Embankment - In this event you have 2 teams. They have 2 minutes to collect all the guns they can find and take position's. After the 2 minutes the walls will drop and both teams fight to win.
  • Maze - In this event players how to find the centre of a maze. There are guns and equipment around the maze to help players get an advantage.
  • Capture The Flag - In this event you and your team have to capture at least 2 of the 3 flag zones.
  • Star Wars - In this event you can allocate who goes on what team with their jobs and you can have a battle between the 2 sides
  • King Of The Hill - In this event you have to capture and hold zones to gain points for your team! The team with the most points win!

The prizes

  • Nothing
  • Dark RP cash (cash amount configurable in config)
  • A weapon (weapon configurable in config)
  • A ULX rank (rank configurable in config)

If you want to see what's being added in the next update check the changelog of the latest update

How it works?

  1. First, you simply do !startevent
  2. You then set the spawn positions
  3. Next you simply click on the event you want to run
  4. After everyone has joined and you are ready to start the event, press start event! (You can also cancel it)
  5. After the event is done, you simply choose a prize and pick a winner!

How will this boost my playercount?

Well, I thought I would use a case study from my server to show. The days with the big spikes was they days we ran events. We were having constant SQL issues so our playercount was doing rather well considering. Here is the count:


Do note that we did have a large steam group to alert people, BUT our recurring players has rocketed since as well


The addon

  • Install the addon by placing eventaddon into \garrysmod\addons

The Dupes

  • Place the dupe into your client side files here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\advdupe2

Workshop link

A little taste of what you're getting



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