Fresh Garbage System is a very unique way of making money. Players will be able to drive a round in a garbage truck and pick up others people trash and make profit from it.


  • Fully custom models (Truck and trash bag!)
  • Adds a unique and fun method to make money on your server!
  • Highly configurable
  • In-game set up!
  • Simple admin system
  • VCMod/NovaCars support
  • Sleek menu

Setting up

  • Drop the 'freshgarbagesystem' folder into your addons
  • Hop in-game and set it up :D <VIDEO HERE>
  • Optionally edit the config file @ sh_config.lua
  • Enjoy!


!addtrash - adds trash position
!removetrash <index> - removes a trash position with the index specified
!saveags - saves all data related to the addon
!resetags - resets all data related to the addon
!toggletrash - toggles a little text display for each trash spawn position with its index, to make it easier to manage where to add/remove trash.

How to do the in-game setup

  1. Spawn as many dumpsters and garbage truck spawners as you want
  2. Place them wherever you want
  3. Type !saveags
  4. Go around the map and type !addtrash, this will add a trash spawn position with the position you're standing in.
  5. Trash will now spawn in all the positions you added each set amount of seconds (Set in the config) :D


Just watch this video

How to remove a trash spawn position

  1. If you know the position index of the one you want to remove, just type !removetrash <index>
  2. If you don't know the position index of the one you want to remove, just type !toggletrash
  3. Look for the one you want, it'll display the trash index.
  4. Type !removetrash <index>, index being the identifier of the trash position you want to remove :D


Q: How do I spawn the NPC to spawn the car?

A: Spawn it in Q Menu > Entities > Tupac's Items > Garbage Truck Spawner

Q: Why isn't the team that I made for the garbage man allowed to spawn the truck?

A: You probably are using a seperate job from the one that is pre made with the script. To edit this team, just visit the sh_darkrp.lua file!

Q: Where is the download to the models and materials?

A: This will automatically be downloaded with FastDL, but if you insist, here you go


Although we'd highly prefer you use the support ticket system, if it's very urgent, feel free to add Tupac on Steam :D


For bugs add Tupac on Steam, and handle it there just to keep it quicker ;)



  • Garbage trucks are now removed when the player changes teams

  • Added checks before changing the players vars to avoid errors.
  • 1.0.1

    • Fixed tiny error
  • 1.0.0

    • Initial release ;)
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