This is an old preview, and the speed of transferring/downloading have been almost completely eliminated and are not present in the final version of this addon

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Snapper is a sophisticated administration tool for capturing the screens of other players to look what they're up to and if they are cheating or misbehaving in any way.

Planned Features

  • Improving speed of the tool by over 200% and significally reducing the storage it takes to save images on your server.

  • Adding a recording feature that let's you record the screens of the player and then get it as playback.


  • Small anticheat, stops around 90-95% of current screenshotting preventions. Now improved!
  • Get real time updates as to how far into the process of getting the screenshot you currently are (progress bar)

    This no longer exists considering uploading/downloading only takes a matter of seconds now!

  • Ability to copy image link to easily share with anyone else

  • Ability to open the image link in the Steam overlay browser

  • Many possible configurations such as changing color scheme, commands, anticheat actions, groups and whether or not to enable steam overlay capturing!
  • Yes, you can actually enable and disable the capturing of the steam overlay when snapping someone!
  • A menu for browsing all the taken snaps with detailed listings for time and player screenshot was taken off.
  • Every snap is stored to the server, ready for any
    administrators to take a look at whenever they feel like it outside of the server! This takes almost no space/storage!
  • You can zoom in on images, drag them around and reset position & zoom when you're off or need it adjusted back to normal!
  • All snaps are cached when viewed, so you won't have to load them in all the time when browsing!
  • You can change the default quality, and also choose what quality you want to have the screenshot in when taking it.
  • You can delete images in the case you wouldn't want certain images.

Additional Information

It's suggested that you disable steam overlay for privacy issues, but legally there is nothing wrong with having it enabled.

When taking a snap and deciding on what quality to use, 70 is the recommended quality, whereas anything above would take way too long to transfer, and anything below would be of bad quality.

No longer an issue! Uploads are almost instant, downloads as well, so regardless of speed you should have no issues!

When a snap is being transferred be aware that you might have interference with other commands such as typing in chat and walking around, so stay put for the screenshot to be sent in order to get the best connection again.

Not anymore!

But, how is everything so fast?

Instead of sending the images through the net library with a max of 64kb/s, the images are now uploaded to to both save a lot of space/storage on your server/client, and to make the transferance speed incredibly faster as it will now use the actual network speed of the client(s) and not the maximum 64kb/s that Garry's Mod have.

Is there more to come?

There might be! I've been working on a feature to record videos (WITH SOUND), and although there have been some struggles here and there I'm confident that I'll be able to get it working once I get some more time!



Feedback & Support

If you have any feedback, suggestions, questions or you've stumbled upon a problem please use the ticket system and wait at least a day until taking to other actions such as sending me friend invites everywhere.

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