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Are you one of these guys that says or you heard that this script is flooded with SQL Injections/exploits?, well, that's all a lie, yes, before it was true, in the second version i released more than 1 year ago, and from that day, nothing is exploitable. You think still flooded with SQL Injections/exploits?, go ahead and try to exploit it, you will do me a favor.


YOU NEED a damn website with PHP 5.6.X or greater and a MySQL database to use this script! You'll not get any refund if you don't have any website.


  • You can use this script for any gamemode inside Garry's Mod.
  • Supports all servers you want (With this I mean that if you have 3 servers, and someone apply and gets accepted, they will get the desired rank in all servers)
  • Custom Accepted/Denied messages (WIP).
  • Support for ReCaptcha.
  • Compatible with MySQLoo and TMySQL4.
  • Accounts saved in Data Base by MySQL.
  • Admin Panel where you can manage bans, admins, applications, etc.
  • Nice design.
  • Databases & tables automatically created.
  • Rank automatically delivered to the server.
  • Easy Auto Installation system, no more config files.
  • 50 customizable questions.
  • Fully banning system implemented, so you can block people from applying.
  • Compatible with ULX and Server Guard
  • Upload warns and playing time as proof (These can be enabled/disabled).
  • ULX In-Game Command !apply.
  • This version now works at any web hostings!
  • You can change animated messages that are displayed in the main page through the admin panel.
  • You can also use this script for any game, but consider that players will not get their rank automatically (but you can still code something to search for accepted applications on a MySQL DB, for more info, hit me up through Gmod Store).
  • Compatibility with any language, currently the system has 3 fully translated languages (english, russian and spanish).
  • You can customize the background images and admin panel images easily.
    • Commenting system, where you can leave your comments about the desired application, so that way you can let know another administrators what you think.


  1. Installation explained in the README file once you download the script.

Web Server Requirements

  1. PHP 5.6 or greater website with access to FTP.
  2. MySQL PHP Module.
  3. MySQL Database.
  4. Knowledge about how to create and use a MySQL Database.

Server Requirements

  1. MySQLoo or TMySQL4 module.
  2. ULX OR Server Guard installed.
  3. Some obvious logic.

Script Translations

Thanks for the next persons, for translating the script to another language!
  1. ZeK to Russian
Speak another language?, go here!

To-Do List

  • Select for what rank you're applying for.
  • Add In-Game voting menu
  • Display played time on the server
  • Display played time at Garry's Mod
  • Implementation of Serial Keys to use the system
  • And some other stuff that i cant remember ^_
Has better ideas? Leave a comment/support ticket and i will add it!
ATTENTION: If you send me a Steam friend request, I'll instantly block you. If you need help submit a support ticket, if you need information about this script, submit a commentary.

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