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What is The Printer?

The Printer is a simple but a very useful and essential addon to have on your darkrp server, as it gives new and more controlled way of printer farming, by providing a whole list of features, that creates a new form for unique role-play, that needs to be experienced for you to understand.

Feature list

  • DarkRP +2.5.
  • Optimized system.
  • Custom model..
  • Custom materials.
  • Content on steam workshop.
  • Unlimited config options.
  • Create a new printer in less than 10 sec.
  • 6 premade printers, with full support to make more.
  • Amazing high detail visual content.
  • Printer mute upgrade.
  • No vgui, all 3d2d buttons or physical upgrades.
  • Printer cash boost upgrade.
  • Printer software upgrade, which prevent hacking.
  • Software protect printer, by punishing the hacker.
  • Printer fan upgrades, with spinning fans.
  • Fancy temperature system, with new unseen features.
  • Able to cool your printer, by putting it outside in the cold.
  • Ink system, which is part of preventing afk farming.
  • Paper system, which is part of preventing afk farming.
  • Health and armor system, which is affected by temperature.
  • Hacking system, where you walk around and hack printers from a distance.

How do you hack a printer?

You start with purchasing a hacking device, then walk up to a base within a certain distance, then if you suspect the base got a printer, then you place the hacking device in-front of you and press "Scan for printers", if a hacking device end up finding a printer, it will automatically start to empty the printer for money. But this is not without risk, if the printer have a software upgrade, where it is protected, then the software will punish the player if he try to hack it, either by blowing up the hacking device or igniting the owner of the hacking device.


  • Unzip the file.
  • Read the readme.txt
  • Any issues with installing? then add me on steam so i can help you add it.


If you notice any bugs? then add me on steam and let me know, so they can be fixed ASAP.


Ganged: For designing the printer and creating the materials + banner.
Pyro: For creating the model.

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