This is a staking/dueling system for DarkRP. Players will have yet another way to make or lose money. The way it works is a player challenges another player. He has 3 modes to choose from: Crossbow, Crowbar, and Shot for Shot. The challenger puts in an amount he wishes to stake his opponent for. If the opponent decides to accept he will be placed in a death match with the challenger. Whoever wins the match gets the money. Whoever loses, loses the money. It is a high risk, high reward skill based money making system that will be a great addition to any DarkRP server.

Requires Darkrp

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Three Dueling Modes (Easy to add more)

  • Shot for Shot (Players use the hl2 revolver and take turns shooting at each other, when player 1 shoots, player 2 gains the bullet and vise versa)
  • Crossbow (Both players are given the hl2 crossbow and fight to the death)
  • Crowbar (Both players are given the hl2 crowbar and fight to the death)
  • Very easy to add modes, all you need is the name of the weapon: Heres how you would add the hl2 rpg using the weapon name "weapon_rpg" If you find a cool workshop swep that would be a fun dueling weapon, you can easily add it.
DuelConfig.modeWeapons["Put title of mode here"] = "weapon_rpg"  ---Put this in config file


  • If enabled, during a duel will play a random song from the songlist for the 2 players in the duel.
  • Adds a very nice cinematic dueling effect
  • Add or remove songs to songlist by putting a youtube link in the table (see config picture)
  • Players in the duel can turn the song off if they want

Easy Configure

  • Can configure: GUI Foreground and accent colors
  • Can configure: Positions of the GUI
  • Can configure: Songlist via youtube links (plays a youtube song for the 2 players in a duel)
  • Can configure: Setting a designated duel area (Prevents players abusing the system)
  • Can configure: Add different duel modes via weapon name
  • [Added] Can now configure min and maximum staking amounts
  • [Added] Can now configure Teleport to location on duel
  • [Added] Can now configure jobs that aren't allowed to duel

Troll Proof

Players in a duel can't:

  • Drop their weapon
  • Change their weapon
  • Damage anyone else besides their opponent
  • Take damage from anyone else besides their opponent
  • Get arrested
  • Switch jobs

Place the duel folder in \addons\darkrpmodification\lua\darkrp_modules\

Place the weaponduelrevolver folder in \addons\darkrpmodification\lua\weapons

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