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Forcefields for DarkRP

Forcefields for DarkRP is a script in which you can create your own customizable forcefield doors that can be used to block off areas for certain jobs, you can fully edit the model, positioning, jobs allowed, colours, effects, and sounds of the doors to what pleases you.


  • Forcefield doors with ability to create multiple types with extensive modification
  • Multi language support (English, Dutch, more to be planned)
  • Door placement with commands that you can remove and place with ease
  • MySQL support (build-in DarkRP's MySQLite system)
  • Great optimization, very lightweight addon
  • Developer-friendly hooks
  • Drag 'n drop installation
  • Extensive configuration files
  • Usergroup based Forcefield door access
  • Doors can be set to invulnerable
  • Map specific door placement (doors you place on different maps will stay on those different maps)

Future updates

  • please suggest any updates!



  • /placedoor to create a door (it will show an interface).
  • /removedoor to remove a door you're looking at.

Installation method:

  • Unzip the addon and place it in your addons folder.
  • If you have any further inquiries regarding installation please send in a support ticket or refer below on how to contact me.

Bugs & suggestions:

Whether you have a suggestion, request or a bug report, please do not refrain from opening a support ticket on ScriptFodder or contacting DevulTj on Steam.



  • English - DevulTj
  • Dutch - fruitwasp

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