• Is a simple, visually appealing meth cooking addon that your players will love to play with! It includes 8 entities that mix well with each other. The emphasis has been put into visual representation of the actual lab - I've made sure that it gives a vibe of home created meth lab, which would work as a quick getaway for somewhat-more-serious thugs!


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  • Compatible only with DarkRP!
  • Sell your meth easily! Pick it up with E and travel to NPC!
  • Visually appealing 3D2D interface!
  • Already set up content pack! Don't add anything to your downloads! WorkshopDL will do it for you!
  • Optimized and secure, most of the checks are done serverside! (Bye to selling meth from 2 miles away!)
  • NPC Buyer - Bait those filthy criminals by making them go all the way to the buyer to sell their product!
  • Build your own meth lab from scratch! Because who likes to buy a whole lego set already built up?
  • Destroyable entites - Entities can be destroyed by anything that makes more than 30 bullet damage! WOW!
  • Hate freezing all of your players entities? Once you add the glassware to your meth lab - it freezes on it's own and fixes itself in the world! Woooo!
  • Config - Create your own formula or make it randomized upon restart, for that extra bit of replayability. Also, set your price for 100% quality meth!
  • Quality - You can mess up your meth batch completely, it's up to you, cook, if you gonna dump the batch or you gonna try to find out that perfect formula...
  • No DRM - It is my first script, I might have messed up already, but I will not let some DRM service cut you out from using it if it goes down
  • Lifetime support - I promise to try to assist everybody with problems!


  • The addon is very much configurable! With every update I'm trying to let the owner to choose his own favorite setting!
    Config configurations
  • More to come - You will be able to edit NPC's name, maybe even your own math formula for calculating percentage!


  • Read-me file is included inside the zip archive, there you've got all of the DarkRP entity add-ins code done for you, since some of them use custom spawn function, I recommend you use those I've provided you. Feel free to change teams, prices and names of them!

Planned things in future updates

  • Rewrite NPC, make it so there are several spawnpoints for the NPC on the map, and the NPC would despawn every now and then - Would make the cooks look for their precious NPC
  • Add dye entity - Dye your meth any colour! Might cost you some quality, but oh well!
  • Make meth useable - Visual feedback and maybe add a small boost to player's speed, depending on quality of meth
  • Test kits - Make quality of the meth discoverable only by using a multi-use test kit on it!
  • Sniffer - An Entity for cops, place it on the door and it will tell you if there's meth odour somewhere around the door!
  • Batch production - Store multiple of your meth crystals into a box and get payment for all of them PLUS an extra for selling it as a batch!


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