Gamma is an online staff application system for GMod server owners that isn't riddled with SQL exploits. No more writing up forum stickies and closing threads, Gamma handles applications with a breeze. Upon logging in, your Garry's Mod hours and family share data are checked and updated to the database. The server owner may choose whether or not to allow family shared accounts, set a minimum GMod hours in order to apply and even set the cool down for their next application (in seconds)!


If the server owner has higher up admins he/she trusts with managing Gamma, they can be added by their steam 64 ids in the text area as shown above!


  • Steam authenticated, no need for captchas or forum accounts.
  • Admin panel; ban users from applying, reset cooldowns, accept/deny apps, etc.
  • Application cooldown.
  • Minimum GMod hours.
  • Optional prevent family shared accounts.
  • Ability to set logo/background.
  • Automatic database/table creation.
  • Ability to add administrators; can use the admin panel.
  • Contact page!
    • Put staff members that users can contact if they have any questions.
    • Or put your email instead, leave blank for none.
  • Alert that gives you information about the application.
  • Application creation
    • Max 3 columns for questions (easier to sort them into categories).
    • Ability to choose between 4 different response types: Single line (input), box (text area), tick (checkbox), radio ticks (radio checkboxes).
    • Example
    • Set the column title and border color.
    • Example
    • Simple question creation
    • Example
    • Ability to use links
    • Example
    • Easily delete questions by leaving the title of it blank!
  • NEW Non-administrative user profiles, view your past applications
  • NEW Multi-server support, create unique applications for each of your servers!


  • PHP 5.3 +
  • MySQL Server
  • No coding knowledge required


  • Refer to the readme.txt

Upcoming features

  1. User profiles (personal ones not the admin user profiles) - Completed in 1.5
  2. Multiple server support - suggested by [SPD] BC BEST - Completed in 1.6
  3. Refresh profile (admin/non-admin profiles - update avi, username) - Completed in 1.8
  4. Prettier error messages/alerts - Completed in 1.8
  5. Ability to customize error messages/alerts - Completed in 1.8
  6. Bulma theme
  7. Some kind of community input on an app (create a thread, allow comments, etc.)
  8. Rank syncing with forums? - suggested by NASA
  9. Rank syncing in-game? (might come when tmysql5 is released, or not)
  10. ULX with that ^ - suggested by Blue
  11. Different theme, colors, etc.
  12. Group-linked applications (apply through a mod app, wait then apply through an admin app) - suggested by Blue

Known bugs

NONE! Go find some!

Other scripts




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