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Good for price, decent overall. Lots of bugs, lacking features.

Willing to edit if I see a sudden change.

Nice review with no ticket. You can delete questions by setting the title to blank and you can reset a user's cooldown by going to their app and clicking "Allow user to resubmit"

Also, there are no bugs you mong. Send in a support ticket with a single bug if you're even capable of doing so.

LAST OF US rated

I am gonna tell you what to do because i payed for the script!


Matt rated

Awesome work, for a cheap price

Ghastninja46 rated

Support is completely dead.


Very customizable and easy to use. The support was outstanding, Even though he is away, he responded to my email and assisted me until it works.


PhoenixFire rated

I think it's a top notch tool for sorting out admins! Sleek and fast!

Blue rated

This is a great script but there is a few things missing. I overall think it is nice and clean and a fun way to apply for things

Manually assigned Beast rated

Amazingly well done by an amazing developer. ATomIK never fails to disappoint with his work!

Roflstomps rated

Doesn't get much cleaner than this. Super easy setup, and there was only 2 things I found wrong with it, that were fixed within 24 hours of release. Don't even worry about buying any other admin application system. This one's for sure the way to go. Ya boi ATomIK delivers again.

Manually assigned Lunaversity.me/c 🌸 rated

10x better than roberthl's

This script is great, it is easy to set-up the config is simple and the design is great. I wasn't sure with one thing and the support was quick and detailed. Would definitely recommenced to anyone looking for something like this!

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