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Why should the citizens live in a police state? This government threatens our freedom, our culture, and our very lives! Rise up, dismantle this corrupt state, and overthrow this tyrant!

This Riot system allows your players to start a riot and overthrow the current government officials. Rebels' primary aim is to take and hold government buildings, executing any officials they find inside, while the police attempts to stop them. If the rebels win, they take over the government's positions.


After you install the addon as normal, there are some additional steps to ensure the addon is set up properly for your server.

To configure the addon, you will need the "Riot Editor" weapon (classname weapon_riotadmin). Note that this weapon can only be used by SuperAdmins, even if other players manage to get their hands on one.

[Video] The first thing you should configure is the Capture Zones. Using the editor weapon, simply left and right click to set the boundaries for the zone, hit Reload to open the menu ensure the "Select Zone" slider is set to 0, then click "Add/Update". You don't need to be neat, the boundary is only visible while you're holding the editor. To edit an existing zone, hit Reload, move the "Edit Zone" slider until the zone you want to edit is highlighted in white, then edit as normal. To remove a zone, hit Reload, move the "Edit Zone" slider until the zone you want to edit is highlighted in white, and click "Delete".

To edit the general riot settings, equip the editor weapon and hit Reload to open the menu then switch to the "Settings" tab. If you hover over each setting a brief description will appear.

[Video] To change which teams are involved in the riot, first ensure all jobs you want involved are already set up then equip the editor weapon and hit Reload to open the menu then switch to the "Teams" tab. When you update this section, invalid jobs will automatically be removed.
The Government and Rebel sections show which jobs are currently assigned to which team, as well as the value when that job is killed. A higher value means the other side will earn more points for killing someone with that job.
The "Hitmen" section allows you to set specific jobs as assassins. Hitmen's value is a percentage, it dictates the percent of the normal value earned if the hitman completes the assassination. For example, a hitman with a value of 50% will earn only half the points for a team when he gets the kill.
The "Riot Leaders" section lists all jobs that are allowed to begin a riot, usually you'll want this to be only the leader of the rebels.
The "Rebel Takeover Swaps" section shows which teams are switched if the rebels win a riot. Generally you will want every rebel job to switch with every government job and vice versa. If you don't want the rebels to take over the government, leave this section empty.

Developer information


The following Lua hooks are available server-side.

  • RiotStart, called when the riot starts.
  • RiotEnd, called when the riot starts. Arguments: Number Winner team that won the riot, see Variables.
  • RiotLockdown, called when the riot starts or stops a lockdown. Return any value to override. Arguments: ShouldLockdown boolean, where the lockdown should be enabled.
  • RiotScore, called when score is added to either side. Arguments: Number Score points to be added. Number Team team to add the points to, see Variables. String Message text to display.
  • RiotCapture, called when capture score is calculated. Return any value to override.


All riot-related data is stored in the global RIOT table. The following variables are available both client and server-side, and are regularly synced during riots. These are for reference, changing these values may cause issues.

  • Number RIOT.TEAM_CP. Indicates the Government team.
  • Number RIOT.TEAM_REBEL. Indicates the Rebel team.
  • Number RIOT.TEAM_CIVILIAN. Indicates bystanders or neutral team.
  • Boolean RIOT.Active. Indicates whether the riot is currently active.
  • Number RIOT.Score. The current score for the riot. Negative scores indicate Government is winning.


This addon will be kept compatible with the latest official release of Garry's Mod for as long as it is available here. If you have any issues, do not hesitate to open a support ticket. Support will only be provided via support tickets.

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