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Designed to rapidly decrease times in sits, stay on top of your staff team and there performance to keep your server in order. Relying on people on the chat and being able to respond quickly with quick access to the logs quickly to get the sit completed, is hard. Why having to waste time scrolling up the chat to see if anyone else has reported a player after spending 5 minutes dealing with a sit having no time to actually play on the server? You shouldn't, simple as, hence the Report Addon.

Alt Description

Traditional bog standard addon walk through if your a normal person and not distracted by the pretty explosions


  • Mini Logger
  • Warn system
  • Advanced staff statistics
  • Player rating system
  • Quick reporting (!report name reason) or using the menu
  • Notification system
  • Easy to operate
  • SQLite & mySQLOO data storage
  • Makes it easy to manage your server
  • Rapidly reduces time used in admin sits
  • Supports ALL GAMEMODES
  • Supports ULX/ServerGuard or you can just pluck in SteamID's
  • Is in English/Français but you can also easily self translate

Advanced staff statistics, what do you mean by that?

Not only does it have a dynamic graph (where it scales to how many staff you have and scales its height on the most amount of reports done), it tracks:

  • Completed reports
  • The average rating given by a player
  • The amount of players who have rated the staff
  • If the staff is improving or worsening since last stats reset
  • The staffs last visit
  • The staffs total time on the server since the last stats reset


Mini logger?

Why mini? Simply because its not as comprehensive as other scripts which are solely loggers, it provides chat, connection, disconnection, prop, damage and kill logs and has a search functionality to search through them, but no extra spiny objects or fancy buttons. It simply gets the job done quickly. There are plans to add more loggers in the future though.


What's this quick report?

Its simply a much quicker way of reporting someone. Instead of having to open the menu and find the player in a long list, you just simply have to do is !report name reason. That's it, your report will go through as normal and your staff can quickly respond


I already have a report addon, why upgrade?

By upgrading your getting far more comprehensive features such as the detailed staff statistics, mini logger and the fancy notifications. Its been designed on a busy server to make it perfect for any server. Also this addon is in active development with more exciting features coming soon which is rather dandy!

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