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Are you tired of cheaters on your server?
Do you want a simple AC which just works but still has some well efficiency?
Then this AC, created by the creator of LeyAC and LAC is for you!

Violations are logged to: data/simplicityac/

This AC is an attempt at making a AC which doesn't use much of the servers performance, isn't too intruisive, yet has the power to detect lots of things. The best for your server and the best for your players, thus the best of both worlds one could say. At its current state, it has over 50 detection methods. Since a method is just a method, there can be plenty of different detections per method.

Just drag and drop it in your addons folder, and it'll do its job.
If you want to edit the config, just edit sv_simplicity.lua :)

SimplicityAC.kickforcheating = "yes" -- Kicks Cheaters
SimplicityAC.banforcheating = "yes" -- Bans Cheaters
SimplicityAC.banforcheating_time = 0 -- 0 = Perma, time in seconds ( 86400 = 24h, 43200 = 12h, 21600 = 6h, 3600=1h )
SimplicityAC.customreason = "Cheats" -- reason that the cheater sees on ban/kick, "" to make the cheater see the violations.

Getting banned even though you aren't cheating? Add the detection to the whitelist!

"I have whatever issue with detection!" -> Then tell me the violation. If you just tell me you're getting detected I don't know what's going on and can't help you, thus you're not just making life harder for me, but rather for yourself and no "Cheating" is not a violation

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