Permaweapons is a easy to use, configurable system allowing a server owner or any rank(s) they choose to give their players permanent weapons. One example in where this may be used is as a donation option for a variety of servers.


  • MySQLite Stored - All permaweapons are stored in the MySQLite database, meaning they are stored after restarts.

  • Configurable - The addon has a configuration file making it adjustable for your needs.

  • Player Weapons - Add/Check/Remove which PermaWeapons individual players have.

  • Group Weapons - Choose which groups receive what weapons when they spawn.

  • Group+Job Specific Weapons - Decide what weapons a group should receive when a specific job.

  • Easy to Use - One of the forefront priorities when developing this addon is ease of use and the feedback from the users has been great.

  • Automatic Saving - The system saves permaweapons to the database when the command is entered meaning there is no delay in saving.

  • Donation System Compatible - The script is designed to work with donation systems such as Prometheus. Simply use the "addpermaweaponid" console command.

Don't want to use the NPC? Simply don't spawn it

NPC Features:

  • 3D2D NPC Title - A nice 3D2D title above the NPC's head which will correct it's angle depending on which way the player is looking at the NPC.

  • Configurable Model - Change the model of the NPC to whatever you like!

  • Sellable PermaWeapons - Sell your PermaWeapons back to the NPC for a cut of your initial investment (configurable percentage).

  • Easy to setup - All you need is the weapon you want the NPC to sell and the price you want it to be sold at! Simply input these into the config (Instructions located inside the configuration file).


To complete installation put the folder into your servers addon folder.

Donation Systems:

It is very simple to add permaweapons to your donation system. When the user purchases the package; make the server run the "addpermaweaponid" console-command.

The console commands are shown below:

Replace PLAYER_NAME with the player's name.

Replace STEAMID with the player's SteamID.

Replace WEAPON_CLASS with the weapon class.

  • addpermaweapon PLAYER_NAME WEAPON_CLASS

Adds a perma weapon to the player.

  • addpermaweaponid STEAMID WEAPON_CLASS

Adds a perma weapon to the SteamID.

  • checkpermaweapons PLAYER_NAME

Prints a list of the players current perma weapons.

  • checkpermaweaponsid STEAMID

Prints a list of the SteamID’s current perma weapons.

  • removepermaweapon PLAYER_NAME WEAPON_CLASS

Removes perma weapon from the player.

  • removepermaweaponid STEAMID WEAPON_CLASS

Removes a perma weapon from the SteamID.


Inside the config file (permaweapons/lua/config/permweps_config.lua) you can:

  • Configure which groups you wish to allow to add/check/remove PermaWeapons.
  • Allow/Disallow the dropping of PermaWeapons.
  • Set what groups spawn with which weapons.
  • Set Group+Job specific weapons.

  • Setup PermaWeapons to buy and sell from an NPC.
  • Set the NPC's model.
  • Decide what percentage of the original price of a PermaWeapon players should receive when selling it.

Future Updates:

  • Continue development of NPC.
  • Create additional UI.


If you are having issues with the addon, feel free to contact me via steam or submit a support ticket.

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