Running a community is tough. Managing bans shouldn't be. Meet Rubidium.

Rubidium is a ban management suite built from the ground up to allow for the greatest level of flexibility, customizability and simplicity for both you and your players.

## Rubidium's Features

  • Easy Installer: with Rubidium, you don't need to go through the hassle of modifying a PHP config or checking for compatibility. Everything just works.

  • Integrations, Galore: Rubidium was built to work with the addons you already know and love. Administrators continue banning via your admin mod, and your ban system makes sure players can't rejoin.

  • Transfer, Fast: Transfer existing active ULX, ServerGuard, Evolve and FAdmin bans from your previous setup, automatically and quickly.

  • (Truly) Global Bans: If a player is banned from one server, sometimes they might try to join another. Our Global Bans feature prevents this and keeps all of your servers in sync.

  • Appeals Welcome: Sometimes even administrators make mistakes, and that's where Rubidium's Appeal Center comes in. Your members can submit appeals to their bans and admins can respond or take action on the appeal.

  • User History: Find the users who are causing grief over and over again via their Rubidium user profile. All bans on your server are logged there.

  • True Modularity: Not feeling social? Just turn off appeals. Don't want backseat admins? Deny users access to view previous infractions and profiles.

  • Customization: Looking to deck out your ban panel to fit your community? With Rubidium's customization options, the sky isn't even the limit. We keep all colour configuration in one file, so designers are welcome to change Rubidium to fit their community!

  • Ironclad Security: Security is a key priority for Rubidium. Rubidium's built to be as secure as possible; which is important for a ban panel.

  • Full Compatibility: Unlike our competitors, we don't override your ban tables and only sync ban data to your local ban table. This gives you the ability to use other addons which use ban functions from your admin mod, including Shadow-Ban or ULX scripts (family library banning, etc).

  • Data Portability: Since we keep bans in your table, if your web server goes down bans will continue to be served, even after a server restart. As an additional consequence, you can switch to a new ban manager at any time with no extra work required.

  • Superb Support: We're here to help you every step of the way, whether by live chat or by tickets. You can click here to contact us.


## Requirements


On the web-server side of things, you need:

  1. At least PHP 5.6.4, PHP 7 is recommended and is much faster.
  2. PDO PHP Extension
  3. Mbstring PHP Extension
  4. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  5. XML PHP Extension

Not sure whether you have any of these? No problem, just download this handy-dandy requirements checker and extract it on your web-host. It'll tell you whether Rubidium's supported.

While our requirement checker is great at checking requirements, there are some we can't easily check. Please also make sure your host supports the following:

  2. CHMOD permissions (IIS servers are known to cause issues since they can't read/write properly!)


All Garry's Mod servers are supported, with the ability to choose either to use MySQL or our WebAPI in order to send and receive ban data.

Looking for a host which just works?


## Support

Contact Us

Rubidium comes with free support, for the lifetime of its sale on GmodStore. This support includes security updates as well as direct team contact in order to solve bugs and issues.

Our live support is natively offered in English and French, and our ticket support is offered in English, French, German and Italian.

Please do not add our representatives on Steam for assistance - you can get live chat support from our website when we're online.

Digital Rights Management in Rubidium

At Exasource, we utilize Digital Rights Management (often called "DRM"), in order to ensure that our customers are the only ones who can use our products. When you install our products, you'll be asked for a license key, which can be found on our support panel. This license key can be used on one web server and unlimited game servers, and you can ask us to increase the web server limit at any time for your account. DRM helps ensure that we receive enough money to provide support and fund further development to our products.

In addition to the License Agreement (viewable here), when you buy Rubidium you're also agreeing to Exasource's Terms of Service.


Exasource relies on a lot of people to make our products as nice as they are. Here's some people we'd like to thank for their contributions:

  1. Our Customers: who enable us to create these amazing products, and provide valuable feedback about where to go in the future. Thank you for your business.

  2. HuntingVillager: the best Quality Assurance we could ask for, he points out the bugs and makes sure our updates are are as good as can be.

  3. The open-source software we use: without Materialize and Laravel, Rubidium wouldn't be nearly as secure, beautiful and powerful as it is. Thank you to both the teams behind these useful software.

  4. Lazy: suggested several features and helped the team during the early stages.

  5. Nick: moral support.
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