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JST purchased commented 3 weeks ago

The server will be? And that is why you buy it, if not 1 of the server. Really bad mode that people don't want to play and they go for worse jobs...

xCeezyx commented 1 month ago

De Novo SyndicateRPG - does not work

ng-vrondakis author commented 1 month ago

Getting a test server up, the VPS I had mine on won't update gmod

@Dr - Auction house will be DLC

@Dillon- You could make everyone level 99 at startup and hide it from them but it wouldn't be very fun

SickBubblegum_ purchased commented 1 month ago

Interested but cannot find a single server to look at this?

Hi, i want to buy, but testservers are offline?

Is the auction house mentioned in the sale a new feature?

Dillon commented 2 months ago

Is there a way to remove levels? Just out of interest.

ng-vrondakis author commented 2 months ago

http://syndicate.manolis.io/doku.php?id=server or click your name in the scoreboard and set team

[OX:RP] Scott_UK purchased commented 2 months ago

How can I give myself levels to become the admin on duty job? Or forcefully become a job?

XBillyX purchased commented 4 months ago

How to change the logo of Syndicate to my own logo in f4 and joining server? thanks!

Hey, so, theres a Problem with my bank card, this means i cant buy this with paypal at the moment, but i would like to buy this in the Christmas Sale - Any possibility to buy this with paysafecard? It would be really nice ;) Sorry for my bad english, im german.

Tony purchased commented 4 months ago

Territory wars shut down 3 days after launch lmao.

Owner coltion purchased commented 4 months ago

Come try out our server! Its reliable!

ng-vrondakis author commented 5 months ago

Check the description

Is there any media for this?

ng-vrondakis author commented 5 months ago

All the quests are written in Lua using an (imo) easy to understand API so if you know the basics of Lua you can make a new file and use an existing quest as a template and do anything you want in it. With a basic understanding you can add your own weapons, quests, achievements, vehicles, entities ect easily

I'm heavily considering buying this before the sale ends. Is it possible to add entities to quest rewards, crafting, and gear? I'm also curious as to if we can make our own custom quests

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LOL purchased commented 6 months ago
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LOL purchased commented 6 months ago
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