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drizzy.vip - crident purchased commented 3 weeks ago

DRM down, gamemode broke

Cassiome purchased commented 4 weeks ago
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HizzL purchased commented 2 months ago

I have no m3 in my gamemode?
Don't recieve the bp from don and cant find it in files?

[JG] Virgil purchased commented 2 months ago

Can someone help me with the setup for this? I'm so bad at it I need a hand to hold just to push the buttons.

Bacon Overlord® purchased commented 3 months ago
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drizzy.vip - crident purchased commented 3 months ago

auction house when?

JST purchased commented 3 months ago

The server will be? And that is why you buy it, if not 1 of the server. Really bad mode that people don't want to play and they go for worse jobs...

xCeezyx commented 4 months ago

De Novo SyndicateRPG - does not work

ng-vrondakis author commented 4 months ago

Getting a test server up, the VPS I had mine on won't update gmod

@Dr - Auction house will be DLC

@Dillon- You could make everyone level 99 at startup and hide it from them but it wouldn't be very fun

SickBubblegum_ purchased commented 4 months ago

Interested but cannot find a single server to look at this?

Hi, i want to buy, but testservers are offline?

Is the auction house mentioned in the sale a new feature?

Dillon commented 4 months ago

Is there a way to remove levels? Just out of interest.

ng-vrondakis author commented 5 months ago

http://syndicate.manolis.io/doku.php?id=server or click your name in the scoreboard and set team

[OX:RP] Scott_UK purchased commented 5 months ago

How can I give myself levels to become the admin on duty job? Or forcefully become a job?

XBillyX purchased commented 6 months ago

How to change the logo of Syndicate to my own logo in f4 and joining server? thanks!

Hey, so, theres a Problem with my bank card, this means i cant buy this with paypal at the moment, but i would like to buy this in the Christmas Sale - Any possibility to buy this with paysafecard? It would be really nice ;) Sorry for my bad english, im german.

Tony purchased commented 7 months ago

Territory wars shut down 3 days after launch lmao.

Owner coltion purchased commented 7 months ago

Come try out our server! Its reliable!

ng-vrondakis author commented 8 months ago

Check the description

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