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EDIT: DRM is now down & in turn the gamemode isn't working as of 22nd June. This just confirms my initial concerns about selling scripts with DRM.

Many bugs with the inventory system that will cause cascading errors which break the whole inventory system until a server restart.

Third person is exploitable.

The gang printers aren't fixed yet, and he references nill variables for the notifications so they don't even work in gang printers.

Many validation issues. Which are compounded by the lack of support.

Sometimes dropping items and picking them back up will cause you to any volume, and just have one remaining.

Inventories are managed by a think hook which loops through a table, so if anything goes wrong, that think hook breaks and rip.

This wouldn't be so bad if the developer replied to tickets, no reply to tickets for about a month after a false claim a bug was fixed, which is still in the gamemode.

1 star for this? I'd love to not have anything but someone could post the script to a leak site and have the 30000 lines and full year from start to finish I spent working on this script be for nothing. I have tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible, you don't have to register it on my site or add your server IP to a whitelist or anything like that that other scripts require you to do. You just install and play. To the end user it's like it's not even there. On top of this, you can still learn from and edit the code to your liking as I've only put data functions such as retrieving achievements from the database behind this. These functions don't need to be edited even if you are doing a full overhaul of the gamemode. Finally, any functions that are behind DRM that any purchaser wants to see I can (and have in the past) send you the non obfuscated versions & show you how to use them.

I have added a 'warning' in the description even though in my opinion it makes no difference to the purchaser and simply protects me from people who like to give away stuff for free

Great idea and there is some depth here that you can't find in default DarkRP (especially the crafting). However, there are some pretty serious issues that detract from that. The set up is insanely cumbersome. You have to set up a name for each and every "building" (which makes sense and is a DarkRPism we all love and hate for owning buildings) then set the rent for each one, then setting power plugs inside each one, then setting a cash drop (used only in case someone is given a defend quest which is incredibly exploitable), then a base marker to have the building captured during a raid. Each and every room has to be configured this way instead of doing some basic coding where these things automatically spawn between doors or at your location. The whole ownership power concept is easily bypassed by simply logging out and then back in and power is still usable by players without paying rent (no handling of player logouts). The eye textures are broken (not sure if an issue with DarkRP or this gamemode), quests are basic and milk runs for the most part with a thrown-in money defense quest that basically allows someone to come steal the entire stack of money and split it with the player (no checks or cooldowns on receiving money after a failed quest apparently), printers are very basic and are hard-wired into the code since they require power (no customize options there to allow using better printer scripts), doors are slow to reveal any information about own settings, name or rent (if they do at all), no 3d2d text or door text to show this information without physically walking up and basically touching the door, the weapon creation system is really nice, but incredibly limited considering there are no instructions on how to add M9K for that process besides a statement about how you can "add M9K", had to get with the developer to ask for instructions on how to use his setup since there were no instructions or videos, one of his files were out-of-date for the latest version of DarkRP and we went back and forth for awhile before I managed to figure out the issue and fix it by updating his settings.lua to match DarkRP's config files. I still haven't heard anything about the missing eye texture issue (doesn't exist on any of my other servers).

Overall there is some real polish and depth like refining and crafting, but other things like printers, basic creation of the map, capture points, etc. are very limited and shallow. The issues I've run into aren't ones I can overcome and offer this up as a game mode people will want to play unfortunately. Which is kind of apparent when you do a refresh on GMOD and see that only two servers (currently) even have this gamemode running and neither have had any players in the last week.

So, if you're looking for a framework for a gamemode this is a good start. If you're looking for a polished and finished gamemode that people will want to play "out of the box", this probably isn't it.

Regrave rated

Fastest support I've seen on this website. Asked if he could add a suggestion and within a few hours he added it! A great guy and can't wait to see where this goes. Alongside with the addon itself, everything works as intended and nothing is broken that I've been able to come to the conclusion about. Setting up for custom maps or things like that takes a while and can be tedious depending on how big the map is but in the end I believe it to be worth it. It'd probably be nice if there were some more quests out there by default (since I have almost 0 lua knowledge), but besides that I believe this is a great gamemode to hop on and try to grind levels and gear with your friends while keeping the darkrp style of the game. Haven't had any issues yet and it continues to be updated. Cannot wait for the auctionhouse update. Best of luck!

Stampyboy rated

Had a issue that was game breaking, ng-vrondakis came on and sorted it out best support i have ever had 10/10 awesome script! brilliant game mode.

Zenrens rated

This Reminded me of GangWarsRP great old days but this gamemode is greater

Murlock rated

After nearly a year, I can come back to say that NOTHING has changed with the gamemode.

This is a very bad investment, and there is little chance that your server will get players. (AS NO SERVER TO THIS DATE HAS GOT A WORKING ONE).

Players dont like the gamemode, and people would rather player DarkRP or even SantosRP then this.

This Edit of DarkRP is not worth your money, or your time.

IF you rly want to edit darkrp, do it yourself. Dont pay 80USD for this failed gamemode.

And as you can see by the creators comments, he does not care for User input, and would say your wrong if you wanted something changed...

Well you only purchased 7 hours before writing this review, so I don't really see how you can have evaluated the entire gamemode to 1/5 & have had so many people dislike it, enough for a 'Do not buy this gamemode' and 'i cant see it as having any potential', but here goes:

"The MOTD looks rushed and poorly made" - The F1 menu? It's just a window with 2 buttons: http://i.imgur.com/kbKQfwp.png I don't know what more you want, it's the same as every other motd
"Systems inside of the gamemode are well coded, but many people dislike how it works." vague and no explanation so can't counter really
"The Hud Is Low Quality, confusing, and uninviting." - No it isn't? No explanation too

My test server is stock DarkRP with the gamemode, credit shop DLC and content pack from the workshop installed, nothing else. "ng-vrondakis server has custom content, and other things he dident include in this gamemode" from? It's lies if anything, my server is a test server called "Syndicate RPG test server" - so of course it gets no actual players other than people wanting to try the gamemode.

So no support ticket, no contacting me, no posting any of your suggestions on Trello & you haven't really mentioned in your review anything apart from the HUD and F1 menu, tiny parts of the gamemode so 'i cant see it as having any potential.' is not warranted & is very unfair

Please don't PayPal chargeback this script like you did with my prestige system

--Edit: lol

.` aleks rated

Great gamemode, easy to install.

LOL rated

easy to install

APO rated

Best gamemod I ever bought on this store. Nice support and easy to setup.

Very exciting game mode, it's a very nice tip of the hat back to the old GangWars Styled game mode in the old days. The game mode has a slick HUD and UI. The files are actually organized and in an easy to understand manor allowing even the most simplest of people to edit files to their liking. All the content as of writing is this is working, with a somewhat varied amount of missions. It would have been nice to see some more variety, however I'm sure they'll be coming in future updates.
My only gripe is that of the DLC (Credit Shop) since it directly can influence in-game factors and it's a shame to have to spend another $15, admittedly it does seem like it would be a good purchase.
Overall, $35 for a game mode of this standard is fantastic and I look forward to all the future updates.

Thanks for the review!

Manually assigned taka_qiao rated

It is cool
But the discount let me feel like bullshit
I bought it when 65USD
Im sure the guy purchase it with orignal price is ready to jump now:)

🔻 Glen rated

Fantastic Gamemode
Hopefully it will prevent even some of the worst server owners from creating bad servers 🙃

Bucket rated

Fantastic Gamemode with support ~2 minutes after ticket.
Works buttery smooth. Not to many bugs to report so definitely give this guy a shot for this gamemode!

very good gamemode, better then darkrp. nice support and friendly dude. works fine and stable. some bugs ofc but nothing important.
keep up the good work and i hope to see more for this!

PS: dont listen to that 1 Star dickhead. he cant srsly write a normal review.

Nice support, good gamemode to do something very interesting. But, buying this, if u not gonna do something interesting, new - isn't best idea.
Gamemode is just a base, don't think that it'll be interesting to play on this clean gamemode will be interesting and so popular.
But, it's the best and, even new RPG gamemode!

FlashModz rated

The creator is very available to help us.

Its gamemode is beautiful visually.
The internal scripts are optimized and uses clean base.

I am sure that with the time and teams willing to help,
This mode of games will become a must!

Thank you for this work.


Zackyo rated

The current stage of this gamemode is playable by a degree. Everything that has already been made in the gamemode is pretty unique and has it's own "touch" to it. Everything that has been made within the gamemode, has already been tweaked to a pretty good standard, meaning that you dont really have to edit anything, cause the pre-configuration is already well balanced.

I'll handle out scores for a few important roles when it comes to custom gamemodes.

Features = 4/5
When it comes to features that this gamemode has to offer, then It's basically a handsdown. Handsdown to everything. It's really boring to just have Printers to entertain your "wallet" and "experience" in a gamemode, but this has even more ways to earn yourself a great game experience. Quests. The quests in this game is absolutely joyful. When you take a Quest, you'll see that the NPC interacts with you as a player. You favor them by completing the quests, then they'll favor you back with in-game money and EXP. Each and every NPC has their own unique style of saying things, which leads to a much better game experience. What actually makes this gamemode, is It's own Gang System. It's absolutely astonishing! The intense Gang war against rivals. It just cant get any better to actually strive to become the best gang in the server. Well, It can be Gang Printers, but that is on Vrondakis's "To-do list"!

Balance = 5/5
The gamemode comes pre-configured. It's really balanced as it is, but If you want to change anything, then the settings is really easy to adjust and tweak to your own liking. The Weapons and the Gear you can get, is really well made when it comes to the Stats they have. And even If you use Upgrades on your equipment, then it'll be fine due to the amazing tweaking the configuration already have!

Action = 6/5
Action packed gamemode. Lots of killing, lots of quest, lots of capturing parts of the map. Lots of lots of lots of enjoyment. What else can i add? Owning your rival and say in OOC; rekt. What's a better feel than that? Nothing!

But there is some features that the gamemode lacks, such as Gang Printers, Hitmens, Bankers and Vaults. But there is a feature that is crucial for this gamemode.....COSTUMES!

But the essentials for the gamemode is solid and well made. The most "unique" DarkRP experience that money can buy.

Derek rated

Please note: This gamemode is still in development and is constantly receiving updates and bug fixes. That being said you can still purchase this gamemode today and put it on your server and play it with it running smoothly.

For starters i'll mention this gamemode is extremely user friendly and server owner friendly. The players are directed to a help page on spawning in the server (F1 Help Menu) explaining to the player how to play and what to do. Server owners can expect easy to understand server configuration settings. There are many settings to read through and change to your personal preference to make your server unique from the rest.

The in-game customization is F***ing incredible with how much can be done by simply being in the server.
Server owners or which ever rank you specify in the config file can change property settings, power sockets & building capture placement, npc spawns, territory placements and much more.
If you accidentally misspell a building name or mess up on the placement of a power socket or capture point you can rename/delete them and redo it while in-game!

I have to quote this from the main page just encase you missed it.
"The gamemode is derived from DarkRP, meaning it works with DarkRP addons out of the box, and also allows you to get the latest DarkRP features / updates without touching the gamemode."

what players do:
Players will find themselves printing to make money and level up. With that money they will buy forges which produce materials required to craft weapons and armor. These weapons and armor the player craft will be assigned random attributes making crafting fun and a game of itself. This gear is then used to help fight over gang territories which is even more exciting.

Quests are also a fun thing to do on the sideline when you feel like getting nice reward and experience.

For anyone thinking they may buy this keep this in mind. The price may seem daunting but if you were to pay a coder the same amount to code you a custom gamemode you could expect to get a fraction of gamemode.

Reporting bugs and getting them fixed.
I am amazed on how using the site specified by the creator to report bugs gets bugs patched. Not just patched but fixed in a matter of hours not days not weeks not months. Depending on the time of day of reporting a bug or bug(s)[One Per Report] they seem to get patched within 24 hours of posting.

Last note, the developer will try his best to answer a question if you are stuck or have an issue.

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