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Syndicate RPG is an RPG gamemode. You can read the new players guide here, and view the Trello here

Any map can be used, but you will need to configure buildings/spawns/ect using the in game menu.

The gamemode is derived from DarkRP, meaning it works with DarkRP addons out of the box, and also allows you to get the latest DarkRP features / updates without touching the gamemode. I recommend you complement this gamemode with other addons to add uniqueness to your server. Onto the features:


Equipment - Players can equip and dequip armors and weapons from their inventory. Once they do this, the attributes from the item will be applied to them. (Eg extra health, fire/ice damage ect)


Quests - The gamemode has a powerful quest system implmeneted. Quests are randomly given to NPCs around the map, including errand & base defense quests, or both! Quests give blueprints & other items to players.



F4 & F1 Menus - Both fully custom & feature beautiful GUI. The F4 menu is the main hub of the game. Players can join/create gangs from here, buy items such as material forges and printers, check their achievements, spawn their cars, and much more. The F1 menu gives your players a link to your site / the wiki for the game, making it easy for them to learn how to play


Crafting - Once a player accquires a blueprint and crafting materials, they can begin crafting using the Blacksmith NPC. If a player crafts a weapon or armor, the items level will be randomly closen, along with its class and upgrade slots. Players can increase this level using items in the game


Trading - Players can safely and securely trade items and money with eachother using the trading system.


Armor - Once the player crafts armor, they can equip it and it will update their model & give them the attributes of the armor. All armors are upgradeable using any armor upgrades gathered in game. There are currently 5 seperate armor sets in the game, all of which can be mixed and matched

All armors

Buildings - Once players buy a door in a building, they will own it and be charged the rent for that individual building. Other players will be able to use a buildings capture point to control it. Whatever map, it's simple to configure buildings to work with this gamemode. Just walk up to a door, press F2 and set the building. Then use the admin power, capture point and cash spawn tools to configure the building spawns. You can then go into the F4 menu and set the rent of the building.



Money printers - All printers need to be powered by connecting them to power sockets using the power tool. They need to be cooled using printer coolers & players also have access to printer amount boosters & rate increasers


Material forges - Players are able to forge materials at their bases using these. Once players are higher levels, they can buy forges that stack materials so they can make many materials.


NLR - The gamemode features an NLR system where players will spawn as a ghost for an amount of time after they die. The time depends on the level of the player

Gangs - Gangs are a large part of the gamemode. Players can start gangs from level 10 and invite other players to join them. They can start rivalries with other gangs and fight for territories around the map. Once a gang has levelled up enough, members can buy special gang-only items such as gang unarrest sticks & gang printer coolers. Gang leaders can also buy upgrades for the gang, such as more health for their members, or an XP boost.




Garage - Players can buy car blueprints and craft them at the Blacksmith. All though expensive, this will give players a car they can spawn whenever they want

Inventory - All the players items are stored in their inventory, which saves after they leave. They are able to upgrade, equip, drop and sell items from here.


Achievements - A wide range of achievements can be unlocked by players. They give money and XP to players that complete them, giving players can incentive to play.


Don - Players can visit the Don NPC in-game to get startup items & items every few levels. They also have access to special deals here.


Powerful setup system - All positions/spawns/buildings/rent/gang territories/NPCs are configurable in game using the menu. All doors can be assigned to buildings in game.


Generators - Players are able to buy generators and fuel and base in places where power sockets may not be available

Blueprint Infusers - Another way players can acquire blueprints are by using infusers. Players charge cards using blueprint infusers, and then put the cards in their printers, giving it a small chance of producing a blueprint upon print
BP Infusers

Party - A party system where players can create/join temporary parties. This gives them a chat between each other & allows easy trades

HUD - The HUD features a compass that shows you quest locations & gang members. You can quickly buy selectable items using the quick buy slots at the bottom. The HUD is smoothly hidden when a player is in dialogue to increase immersion

Terrorism - Players can band together to destroy the city, by enriching uranium and creating a bomb. Other players must stop them

Configurable - Most settings are configurable in 1 file, you are able to change the main color of the HUD elements from one line.

Great value - Approximately 600 lines of features per $1

Upgrades - Weapons and upgrades can be upgraded using their relevant upgrades. Players can refine 3 of the same level upgrade to make one of the next level. Weapons have damage boost, ice damage which freezes players, and fire damage which ignites them. Armor has health boost+add, armor boost+add, XP boost, speed increase, ect.

Levels - The main element of progression in the game is leveling. Players are able to equip new weapons/armors as they level and are able to make more money through higher level money printers, and acquire more materials using higher level material forges.

Supports M9K and FAS:2 - For if you want to add your own weapons

Language Support - Uses DarkRP's translations, you can translate every phrase in the game through a file

Supports DarkRP addons - The gamemode works with all addons created for DarkRP, enabling you to customize your server even more!


Installation/config support is given. If you find a bug please create a support ticket. If you have a feature request use the Trello

If you wish to talk about the gamemode before you buy, add me on Steam & leave a comment as to why.

Requires a MySQL database, message if you need help getting one!


1) Install the latest version of DarkRP
2) Drag the 'syndicate' folder into your gamemode folder
3) Add to your servers workshop collection
4) Edit /config/config.lua and /config/mysql.lua if you wish
5) Change your servers gamemode to 'syndicate'
6) Start & join the server, type 'fadmin setroot <yourname>' into the console
7) Press F4, Go to admin, and setup your territories, spawns and buildings
8) Use the admin tools to configure power sockets, capture points and cash spawns
9) Done!

Servers you can try this gamemode on (not affiliated with me):

LegacyRP -
(Let me know if any of these don't work!)
Want your server here? Message me!

Warning This script has DRM. It does not require you to register to anything or add your IP to a whitelist like many other scripts. You can still edit and learn from this script because only small data functions are hidden behind it. I have to do this because many people leak scripts. The DRM is as unintrusive as I can make it & you shouldn't notice it.

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