Version 1.69 Released 3 months ago

-Fixed gang printers
-Added overrideModel to default police jobs
-Fixed config.autoConnectPrinters bug
-Fixed refining upgrade bug
-Optimized building sockets scanning
-Fixed some other small bugs
-Removed unused entity

Just a quick update until I finish the auction house

Version 1.68 Released 1 year ago

-Added a setting that will auto attach printers to sockets - disabled by default (feature request)
-Added overrideModel on jobs, so police and other jobs can have custom models instead of the player model (feature request)
-Improved inventory
-Fixed darkrp change instructions

Version 1.67 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed print master bug
-Fixed forge master bug
-Fixed naming tablet bug

Version 1.665 Released 1 year ago

-Hotfix for last update

Version 1.66 Released 1 year ago

-Added manolis.popcorn.config.enableHUDX config option for disabling specific hud elements
-Fixed error when you try and pickup health kit before opening your inventory
-Fixed Trello bugs
-Fixed mouse clicker disappearing when you close just 1/2 windows
-Fixed missing icon texture, forgot to update the workshop addon last time

Version 1.65 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed dev server
-Updated missing icon icon (lol)
-Lowered printer health
Lots more to come now I'm back from holiday and uni finished. Inc SQLite support for you people who use free mysql hosting and blame me when everything is slow


Version 1.644 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed armor crafting
-Fixed reinforcement stone

Version 1.643 Released 1 year ago


Version 1.642 Released 1 year ago

-Remember when you first installed and you had to edit your DarkRP's init.lua and cl_init.lua files? I got a hook added to DarkRP so you no longer have to do this! Be sure to update DarkRP

-Fixed crafting errors when you put more than one of the same material (was missing 2 brackets)

Version 1.641 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed error from last update

Version 1.64 Released 1 year ago

-Added gang printers! Gangs can now buy printers and use them to generate money. Collected money goes straight into the gang bank. Make sure you update items/gang-shop.lua
-Fixed tooltip appearing on quick buy slots
-Fixed error when collecting from printers as CP
-Fixed error when right clicking with grenade
-Other bugfixes

Version 1.63 Released 1 year ago

-Implemented partial inventory refresh (optimization)
-Fixed crucial inventory bug that caused items not to refresh properly. It should be smooth as butter now
-Other optimizations

Version 1.622 Released 1 year ago

-Added gamemode infomation gui
-Fixed power not being disconnected when the building is sold
-Fixed 'No deals available' appearing in the quest menu
-Possible fix for inventory bug

Version 1.621 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed bank
-Fixed json.useModel on item info

Version 1.62 Released 1 year ago

Removed vrondakis achievement & ring of lua

Version 1.61 Released 1 year ago


Version 1.609 Released 1 year ago


Version 1.608 Released 1 year ago


MAKE SURE TO TRANSFER config-default.lua!

Version 1.607 Released 1 year ago

-Hotfix for last update

Version 1.606 Released 1 year ago

Added config-default.lua file so your config changes aren't overridden when you update

Version 1.605 Released 1 year ago

-Added possibility to use models instead of icons in the inventory if you add a custom item, just change json.model to your mdoel
-Made it so territories/npcs/bomb/ect cannot be picked up by admins with physgun
-'No quests available!' and 'No deals available' show when their are no quests/deals instead of a blank menu
-Added refresh button to bank storage
-You can click the HUD buttons by holding down C (context menu button) - Better for gameplay!
-Right clicking with inventory weapon now opens inventory

-Font error bug

Version 1.603 Released 1 year ago

Added manolis.popcorn.config.donateUrl (credit shop DLC)

Version 1.602 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed error when props are spawned

Version 1.601 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed material forge erroring due to last update
-Fixed potential gang territory bug

Version 1.6 Released 1 year ago

-Credit shop support! Get it here:

--Added 'Crafted by' on weapons & armor - only new items after you update

-Inventory refresh bug
-Fixed not being able to upgrade sides
-Made craft success notification not show with the error icon

Version 1.54 Released 1 year ago

-Various Bugfixes (inc the inventory flashing weird one!)
-Support for credit shop DLC coming very soon!
-Icons for the credit shop have also been added to the content pack!

Version 1.53 Released 1 year ago

-Mod support

Version 1.527 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed content menu not appearing (because of third person)
-Various bugfixes

Version 1.526 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed player model not being included in the gamemode, meaning hitboxes ect weren't working (my bad lol)
-Fixed tip HUD element not being aligned properly to the buttons
-Fixed character tab not showing proper joins/level
-Fixed ghosts being able to spawn props
-Fixed 'You must be level x to be a x' job notifcation also showing a blank notification
-Fixed armor packs making the HP pickup sound when you pick them up
-Fixed F1 menu showing logo blur without logo once you've already clicked it
-Fixed pressing refresh gang clearing the upgrades if they have changed while you've been playing
-Fixed not being able to use the bank after using it a few times
-Fixed scoreboard showing steam name/link/rank twice
-Fixed scoreboard showing 'Label' where gang is supposed to be if a player leaves their gang

Version 1.525 Released 1 year ago


Version 1.524 Released 1 year ago


Sorry for the slow updates, have 5 assignments due
Bigger update should be coming this weekend when I have some time. Thanks for your patience!

Version 1.523 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed extra territory XP not being given
-Fixed missing icons
-Fixed error when you capture a building
-Other bugfixes

Sorry it's been slow, still got uni work to do

Version 1.522 Released 1 year ago


Version 1.521 Released 1 year ago

Updated DarkRP instructions

Version 1.52 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed crafting armor, uploaded the wrong zip yesterday

Version 1.51 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed error (again, sorry)

Version 1.509 Released 1 year ago

-Removed debug commands

Version 1.508 Released 1 year ago

-Added manolis.popcorn.config.XPMult
-Fixed armor crafting
-Fixed missing texture on rebel jacket

Version 1.507 Released 1 year ago

Fixed rare bug if you place an item on top of an invisible item drop

Version 1.506 Released 1 year ago

-Added refresh button to inventory/equipment

-Fixed max printer amount if you want more than 4 printers
-Fixed crafting armor
-Fixed bank not refreshing after you put an item inside
-Other bugfixes

More to come! I was away over the weekend

Version 1.505 Released 1 year ago

Fixed crafting and probably a bunch of other stuff too.

The problem came from this line:

type = type or 'item',

type is a Lua global, so there was no error because the code was valid. It should have been data.type

P.S Updates will be slower over the next few days, got Uni stuff to not do. I will be adding an inventory refresh button tomorrow

Version 1.504 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed gang shop error
-Fixed typo in NLR module
-Fixed FAS2 error when shooting

Version 1.503 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed FAS implementation
-Fixed error caused by yesterdays update
-Bunch of other stuff

Version 1.502 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed amount boosters
-Made inventory close when you press the equipment HUD button (to close it)

-Improved how scoreboard player info looks
-Improved general scoreboard look
-Fixed adding an owner to building only applying to 1 door
-Fixed fAdmin buttons duplicating
-Fixed admins on scoreboard duplicating

Version 1.501 Released 1 year ago

-Made fists not shoot props if you punch them
-Fixed m9k implementation
-Updated m9k and FAS readme

Version 1.5 Released 1 year ago

-Added blueprint infusers! (check description)

-Added level requirements to generators
-Fixed language error on drop
-Update blueprint texture

Version 1.423 Released 1 year ago

Fixed syntax error in armor file

Version 1.422 Released 1 year ago

-Added MP5
-Fixed not being able to kick gang members
-Fixed not being able to promote gang members
-Fixed avatar display on gang member panel
-Added armor icons to the content pack
-Fixed gang territories giving the wrong XP

Version 1.421 Released 1 year ago

Fixed inventory open bug

Version 1.42 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed cash stack error with physics
-Fixed fuel % not going up on fuel consumption on generators
-Fixed printers overheating on collect

Version 1.41 Released 1 year ago

-Changed 'Generator' to the type of generator on the HUD
-Increased generator default times
-Changed generator model on F4 menu
-Fixed 4 way generators displaying wrong %
-Fixed generator phys
-Fixed not being able to collect from printers
-Fixed physics on static entities such as sockets and gang poles

Version 1.4 Released 1 year ago

-Added generators! Players can now spawn generators to power their appliances when plug sockets may not be available!

-Fixed physics being enabled on sockets
-Fixed partyinvite command not being declared
-Bunch more

Version 1.358 Released 1 year ago

Fixed bobs_bitch quest

Version 1.357 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed overlapping of inventory
-Added headshot damage
-A bunch of other stuff I can't remember

Version 1.356 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed error when printer is destroyed
-Fixed gigas not being removed when you craft

Version 1.355 Released 1 year ago

-Added 3 more more quests!
-Fixed cash stack

Version 1.4 Released 1 year ago

-Added fas2 weapon support!
-Added m9k weapon support!

-Fixed accuracy boost on default weapons

Version 1.349 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed cash stack error

Version 1.348 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed forge error

Version 1.345 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed printer error

Version 1.34 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed stash sometimes giving infinite money when you disconnect
-Fixed default money printer showing
-Fixed forges not refreshing inventory
-Fixed error when printers explode
-Fixed fonts not downloading

Version 1.33 Released 1 year ago

-Added ammo to quick buy slots
-Fixed not being able to spawn printers after yours are stolen
-Fixed not being charged for creating a gang
-Fixed quick buy console spam (debug left in)
-Fixed gang member panel error

Version 1.32 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed console spam for some entities
-Fixed error when stealing from printers (Fixed yesterday but I forgot to upload)

Version 1.31 Released 1 year ago

-Added a config to set who can add buildings/territories/ect (manolis.popcorn.config.canEditServer)
You need to add that to your config. Copy this:

manolis.popcorn.config.canEditServer = function(ply) return ply:IsSuperAdmin() end

-Fixed fonts (again)

Version 1.3 Released 1 year ago

Fixed fonts

Version 1.245 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed hands not showing on toolgun/phys gun/ect

Version 1.24 Released 1 year ago

-Added swag bag
Config change too - manolis.popcorn.config.SwagbagProItems and manolis.popcorn.config.SwagbagItems

Adding weapon bases tomorrow!

Version 1.23 Released 1 year ago

Fixed last version

Version 1.22 Released 1 year ago

Update, versions earlier than this will not work after restart

Version 1.21 Released 1 year ago

Fixed gang cap pole time config not being applied

Version 1.2 Released 1 year ago

-Improved the HUD, hope you like it!
-Fixed head material!

-Fixed printers not returning to their owner if he joins and disconnects
-Fixed gangs only getting XP for 1 territory
-Fixed bug where you don't get extra XP for owning all the territoires. (Language file updated!)
-Fixed bug where players can remove power sockets
-Increased default time gang XP is given for owning poles (config file change)
-XP amount is now rounded
-Fixed erroring if the inventory hadn't been opened before

Thanks for reporting, more to come. Post bugs on the Trello if you find them. One comment per bug. Include client and server console errors.

Dealing with the biggest bugs first.

Version 1.1 Released 1 year ago

Fixed printers

Version 1.09 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed Simon quest (again)

-Fixed printers not showing from the last update

-Fixed players being able to use objects when they are a ghost

-Fixed trade not refreshing inventory

Fixed quests not refreshing inventory

-Fixed cash stack again

-Fixed M4A1

Thanks for your patience guys, keep reporting!

Version 1.08 Released 1 year ago

Fix from last update

Version 1.07 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed crafting materials not being removed when you craft

-Fixed problem with base defense missions when the player leaves

-Fixed problem where you keep getting achievements over and over. This modifies the database, you may need to remove the manolis_popcorn_achievements table:

rcon lua_run MySQLite.query("DROP TABLE manolis_popcorn_achievements")
then restart

-Increased default printer time (was 9, now 120, oops)

-Added config option for how much a printer can hold

-Changed default gigaLuck config value from 1 to 0.2 (I suggest you do too!)

-Fixed crafting always giving epics

-Added customCheck to printer

-Fixed gang luck upgrade

More coming, if you find something, make a ticket, and give specific replication instructions

Version 1.06 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed CP model not showing if you're CP
-Fixed Simon errand mission bug

Version 1.05 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed bank returning items

-Made the inventoy popup when you use refiner/blacksmith/bank

-Fixed gang items exploding instantly

-Added level restrictions on printer boosters

-Fixed sell button

-General bugfix

More to come!

Version 1.04 Released 1 year ago

-Fixed scoreboard mis-aligning sometimes

-Removed cactus entity

-Other bugfixes

-Fixed mission text

-Updated language file to add gang health (Not Unknown upgrade)

-Fixed adding territory locations

-Made it so you can't cap from territories unless there's 10 players online (+added config option for it)

-Fixed view territory locations missing material

-Material forge now refreshed inventory

-Fixed gang XP notification showing the wrong territory name

Version 1.03 Released 1 year ago

Fixed errors when you click equipment icons

Fixed simon errand mission

Fixed error when you open the scoreboard after you've joined a gang without rejoining

Updated some default config values (rent mainly)

PS Mission content pack update coming in the next few days

Version 1.02 Released 1 year ago

Fixed quests not appearing on NPCs

Fixed errors when you try and start a quest

Updated workshop addon, fixed missing textures

Fixed fist weapon

Language fixes

Fixed problems with the database tables not being created on some databases. If you still have problems with this let me know (can't set npc positions, ect). Make sure to use MySQL.

Thank you for your patience!

Version 1.01 Released 1 year ago

Fixed some things, including the cl_quests.lua error on join

I will fix fists model and some other things people have pointed out to me tomorrow. If you are still having problems with missing textures restarting your server should fix it (workshop update)

It's 3am here, sorry about the wait

Version 1 Released 1 year ago

Quick fix

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