ARitz Cracker Phone (ARCPhone) - Now with an ARCBank app!

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This addon is currently early-access!

  • This addon will be 20% off until version 1.0 is released!
  • ARCPhone currently does NOT support any language other than English.
    • This will be available when 1.0 is released.
  • There are some missing features, planned features include:
    • Ability to view images in text messages fullscreen.
    • Headset - Not having a headset will end your call if you lock your phone (currently everyone has an "invisible headset")
    • Privacy mode - If enabled, your name won't show up in "players near me"
    • Instagram-like app to upload pictures to websites
    • A finalized 3rd party app API
  • You might find bugs!

This addon needs ARCLib to work!

  • Read the readme on how to install it :)
  • Please rename ARCLib-master to arclib once you have it in your addons folder

Want to try before you buy?

Feel free to PM me on GmodStore! You and your friends can join my game so you can try out my stuff before you buy it. We'll go through all the features together! (You might find some things that you wouldn't have known otherwise) Just mention some times that you're available, and we'll figure something out.

It's finally here!

This is it. ARCPhone. The next big thing from the creator of ARitz Cracker Bank. Development started sometime before the release of "rPhone" with one thing in mind, the same thing that made ARCBank popular. Immersion. The phone would be something you would hold in your hand, not some 2D image on a screen. The ARCPhone is built to be 3D, simple, unique, have lots of customization options, and best of all, have realistic reception.

The incomplete list of features!

  • ARCBank App!
    • Transfer funds, or manage your group account with ease!
  • NutScript compatibility! Each Character (not player) will have a unique phone number.
  • Compatible with all Gamemodes!
    • If your gamemode doesn't have 3D voice chat or text chat with players near you simply use the following settings.
    • override_text_chat This will only allow you to talk to people near you. (1000 units) there are no PM commands or anything like that. That's what phone calls and SMS are for
    • override_voice_chat This will force 3D voice chat to be enabled (unless in a phone call)
  • Voice chats with other players
    • Push to talk. Less annoying and spying!
    • Group calls. Talk to your entire gang!
    • Works independently from DarkRP!
    • Typing in text chat while in a phone call will display your message to other people in your call!
  • Text messaging
    • Embedded images in texts. (Press CTRL while in a text message to attach a photo)
  • Emergency Numbers
    • 911, 999, the choice is yours! You can chose which numbers are associated with which jobs using the admin GUI!
  • Camera
    • Selfie mode (Press CTRL to switch camera)
  • QR Code scanner!
  • Customization
    • Change your phone's colour theme to any colour you wish!
    • Choose between 14 colours for your phone case!
    • Select from the default ringtones or use a URL to any mp3 file! (Must be an mp3 file. Youtube videos will not work)
    • Move and re-size the icons on the home screen, set it just the way you like it!
  • Realistic reception!
    • Reception is determined by the distance and the thickness of the walls between your phone and the antenna(s)
    • Click here for a tutorial on how to set it up.
  • Cellphone Jammers!
    • Hold down use to open/close it, tap use to turn it on/off.
  • Atmos and SimpleWeather support!
    • If the addon is installed, enable the phone_clock_cycle option in the easy-to-use admin GUI to make the Phone's clock match the day/night cycle on your server!
  • ... and much more!
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