VXDonation is a donation system that prides itself on it's ease of use, both for the user and the server administrator. You can visit the homepage here and check out the demo here

Please make sure you have the requirements before purchasing


1. Easy to install and use, including an online control panel

2. Instant actions - No need to rejoin in game once a product is bought, it is applied automatically and instantly.

3. Expiring actions - The ability to set the amount of time an action is applied for. Eg VIP for 1 month

4. Credits system allowing players to send credits to their friends

5. Fast, friendly support (see reviews :) )

6. Administration user management section allowing you to view user donations and give / remove credits at will

7. Supports unlimited servers, products and actions

8. Synchronous page loading - no need to wait for the page to refresh when changing pages. This makes navigating much faster

9. A clean and fresh design

10. Uses Steam OpenID and PayPal to handle logins and payments


The default actions (things that happen once a product is bought) included in this system are:

Model Change (Change a players model)

rcon command (Run a rcon Command)

Permanent Weapons

Pointshop Points

Pointshop 2 Points

User Group

ULX User Group

Moderator Group (admin system)

Evolve Rank (admin system)

Player Size Scale


DarkRP Money (Add DarkRP Money)

DarkRP Level (Add levels to a player)

DarkRP XP Scale (Scale DarkRP XP aka Double XP)

Serverguard Rank

It's also very easy to add your own!

Gallery (Please see demo first!)

The Control Panel Homepage

Control Panel: Server Tab

Control Panel: Messages Tab

Control Panel: User Management

Control Panel: User Management 2

Control Panel: Product Tab

Control Panel: Editing a server

Control Panel: Adding an action to a product

Control Panel: Credit Packs

Your Page: Main products

See the demo


MySQLoo v8+ installed on your Garry's Mod Server (https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1515853)

Quick Downloads:


A web host (Apache) with PHP 5.3+, cURL, and the Apache rewrite module installed. Most shared/free hosts have this. Anywhere that has PHP usually has cURL

A MySQL server - This usually comes free with any web host/game host. Make sure it has remote MySQL enabled so your game server/web server can connect to it

Premier/Business Paypal Account (Free)

I know 100% that this system works with a free https://nanobit.pro/#web account and a http://www.freemysqlhosting.net/ database

If you're looking for a cheap paid host use http://lithiumhosting.com
They provide $2/mo good quality web hosting that works with this system. (They're not paying me to say that)
Please make sure you have all of these before purchasing :)


Press the 'Support' button next to the download button to create a ticket and I will reply as soon as possible. Setting up this script takes approx 30 mins if you don't know what you're doing.

Please do not post errors/problems in the comments.

If you want me to set this up for you through FTP/Teamviewer I charge $10, sorry but the $2.33 I receive from this isn't worth the time it would take me to set it up on your server

Thanks to JohnsonLiveTV for helping me test during the development of this script.
Thanks to Delta Grox for having the idea and helping me test user editing

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