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LaserX rated

Not bad but it relies on servers from the creator which means that if they shut down or are just unavailable your new donation system is worthless.


Doc rated

Creator is very communicative, I could not receive my key and he responded to my email within 2 minutes!

Sadly I have came across to another issue however he managed to help me fix it.

Realizing this was only 4 dollars its amazing. Would recommend to anyone.

Cee rated

Released 4 years ago, yet unlike many this athor is constantly pushing updates out.

If you feel you've wrongly bought this, it's your fault, the description is very clear on what this script does.

You still here? ye? Buy it then?!

Weaboo rated

Bought 25 mins ago, no support ticket, 1 star

Sami rated

Very complicated installation process.

Consisting of: Uploading the files to your site, editing the config file, entering the URL on the control panel, pressing save

No support tickets or anything from you so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Romn rated
Gabriel rated

This system works well. It does everything as advertised, and looks great. There is more than plenty of support documentation for VXDonation, and if that still can't help you solve ANY problem you encounter, the script creator is consistent and rapid when responding to tickets.

Feeps rated

The support is perfect !!
And the website has a cool design...

Luca rated

Very good addon, support is awesome!

Threebow rated

Is bueno scripto but there's no real easy way to reset your password in the dashboard

Sam rated

Good support time, but the instructions are unclear


This script requires a bit of set up but once its set up correctly, which due to my stupidity i was unable to do, it is exellent

Hans Landa rated

6from5 Good Support Good Script Thanks !

Mr Justin rated

Great donation addon, needed help setting up (I made stupid mistakes lol) and I got easy replies within 24hrs, the design I love it, and it's perfect for my server.

trying to request a refund contact me when you are online.

lol rated

Was a very good script in it's time, sad to see it shut down, poor salty impatient children down below, just do what vron says and you'll get your refund when he's online!

Wolfbyte rated

Bought it. 2 days later it was closed. I made 3 support tickets and he no replied...

Ehh you closing now? can i have refund ......

Ryan rated

Refund please.
Not active at all
not replied to my support tickets

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