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Mr Justin rated

Great donation addon, needed help setting up (I made stupid mistakes lol) and I got easy replies within 24hrs, the design I love it, and it's perfect for my server.

trying to request a refund contact me when you are online.

This kid fucking scam me...

Was a very good script in it's time, sad to see it shut down, poor salty impatient children down below, just do what vron says and you'll get your refund when he's online!

Wolfbyte rated

Bought it. 2 days later it was closed. I made 3 support tickets and he no replied...

Ehh you closing now? can i have refund ......

Ryan rated

Refund please.
Not active at all
not replied to my support tickets

refund pleas if u are closing

xkill377 rated

L'installation est très mal expliquer le script ne marche qu'à Moité vous perdez votre argent le support ne répond pas j'espère un remboursement car ce script est une arnaque

Downright DO NOT buy this script if you're expecting FAST support. Scripter must be inactive or completely downright ignoring support tickets. At this moment of time expect a four day response time, I yet to receive a response from this scripter. I'm still doubting any response at this point, I've been buying scripts for a while and this by far is the WORST wait time for any active script. There's no alternative way to contact this scipter, and no way to view their steam profile which I can't fully conclude if there's issues other than ignoring and avoiding their support tickets.

Price: 5 [Cheap, essential for any server of any kind]
Aesthetic: 4 [Simple modern design I'm always a fan, but nothing "outstanding" or "amazing"]
Support: -3 [Unacceptable, especially from a big time scripter like vrondakis. The wait time for this support is exasperating, if you plan of running an actual donation system that utilizes this script and you have any trouble, deem yourself doomed]
Ease: 3 [Truly is "hassle" free (at least for the setup), but if you have any issues don't expect support. The readme file is web based, useful when you need the essential links for setting the service up, but it would be handy to have a .txt file so you wouldn't have to bookmark or remember the readme.html link]
Overall: 2.25 [I'm flabbergasted by the plethora of positive reviews surrounding support, I can't believe I have to be that exception]

Uncle Kim rated

Great and fast support! Clean sleek menu, no issues. Worth every dime!

@NicolasStr_ rated

Highly costomizable if you have some PHP /HTML / JS basics, excellent support, great Paypal intergration, Sandbox mode :O

And just 6.49$ ?!

5 stars for me :)

Zmeja rated

The developer answers sooo fast it's just amazing! Had a mistake on my side but he managed to help me in less then 10 Minutes :D Just amazing! The Script itself is worth every Dollar! Surely one of the must haves out there! No bugs or whatsoever occured to me! It's just amazing :DD

≈ Tom ≈ rated

Amazing price for such an amazing product! The install was automatic, just had to type some stuff in the config file, One thing i would say however is that the scale option can only be singular numbers (e.g 1, 2, 3) its pretty annoying that i cant scale someone to like 0.7.

Other than that its 101% worth it!

Oz rated

Great product, great price. Friendly and super helpfull aswell!

Great product for a great price. Honestly the best donation system you can get for under $7 and it looks very professional.

Owzmo rated

Fast response on support tickets and nice little system.

Grimnox rated

Issues with setting up and paypal, but ng helped hugely worth the buy!

TheKya rated

Had some problems setting up but now it works great! Definitely would Recommend.

Great product! 10/10! Still setting up a tad more with it but it is super easy to install and comes with a beautiful install page! Another great product from Vrondakis ;)

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