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Great product for a great price. Honestly the best donation system you can get for under $7 and it looks very professional.

Owzmo rated

Fast response on support tickets and nice little system.

Grimnox rated

Issues with setting up and paypal, but ng helped hugely worth the buy!

TheKya rated

Had some problems setting up but now it works great! Definitely would Recommend.

Great product! 10/10! Still setting up a tad more with it but it is super easy to install and comes with a beautiful install page! Another great product from Vrondakis ;)

AGC Omega rated

Great Support! Love the layout!!!

Nulle Dulle rated

Easy to install, simply follow the readme - great support if anything bothers you. - Fantastic!

GreaseLord99 rated

Hassle-free my ass! the SQL thing is a major pain in the ass! if you are new to sql, dont even bother getting this

The SQL thing? If you have the requirements all you need to do is enter your database details. It can't get more simple than that

wjayess rated

This script is absolutely amazing! Very easy to use, as well as amazing support!

This script is a must-have for ANY server!

JustPlayer rated

I have no problems. Its very useful!

Goofolph rated

10/10 for the scrip and fast straight forward support, great script it's self I recommend buying it if you need a automatic donation system that is fast and straight forward.

666henry666 rated

10/10 this bloke is a straight up legend ay im telling you dog he responded to my support ticket with mad lightning skills even though i was a bit of a dickhead and forgot to check my notifications for 3 hours but he still helped me right out and its a top donation system all in all would recommend purchasing 10/10

I had a little bit of trouble with the installation process initially, but the developer was so much help, he was patient, and thankfully so.

With the donation page itself, I couldn't be happier, for $7, this is great value for money, I do not regret purchasing this script and recommend others to do so as well!

Sneaky rated

this is a great system, whilst the installation guide could've been a tad more in-depth for some users, the support is good and was answered within 40 minutes, would definatly recommend

Predator rated

Awesome developer, awesome auto-donation website!

Boost rated


Very very good !
The creator is really a good guy, He spend like 2 hours to help me about something. This addons is really good.
Don't hesitate, buy it !

Great Support, Fast & Reliable!

foodhax rated

Amazing, works amazingly great support, once completed everything is all automatic, website looks nice.

RealDope rated

Awesome support, helped me with individual problems in a timely and polite manner. Script works great, UI is well done. For this price, I would definitely recommend.

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