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Nitroblast rated

Amazing! The product is really, really high quality and the support tickets I made were replied to within 30 seconds for all 5, and the problem was fixed very quickly.

Manually assigned Dimentio rated

Great support and friendly. The script always worked perfectly.

El Dugget rated
Gaara rated

AMAZING support! Very helpful and responded almost instantaneously.

Imperial rated

Great donation system, the dude's really friendly and replies to support really quickly! Helped me get mine working no problem. You've got 5 stars from me.

Xardas Dark rated

Realy nice guy, knows what he does, best support I've ever seen here. This addon is realy simple to setup and to use. Would buy it again

|THL| Twix rated

A perfect donation system for any server! Simple and fast!

Buy it while you can, this is a great price for what you are getting. Very great support, got my answer ASAP! Best system I could find!

PlanetSpace rated

Great Value For what you are getting . Awesome support overall best purchase ever! Awesome system far better than any other one I have seen!

Rusty Needle rated

The price is fantastic! Not only that the seller has given me excellent support. I have had issues all I have to do is make a ticket and it is solved. Super good script I really recommend purchasing.

Blender rated

For the price this is amazing, this developer knows what hes doing. I got support the following day and he fixed my problems. For $7 this is a steal!

Eso rated

Pretty simple to install and very easy to use and customize. Developer was fairly quick to respond to my questions. I would highly recommend this system as it's easily the one of the best for the price.

Ollie rated

After me .... Well being a complete retard this script it just amazing this guy has supported me from day 1 , I may have well ... been a retard but this this guy is so supportive and helpful the script and site is well structured and just amazing I would definitely buy more of his scripts

Messiah rated

Vronddakis is very nice guy! Very supportive and helpful when you need him. the script is very well built but very time consuming to set up as you should expect for a addon like this. Overall I would recommend the script and also the seller! :)

Wow never found a script that was this well built, Great support from Vrondakis! if you have any issues with this script he will help you! so happy now i can finally run the server i always wanted to! :)

Sadly, this script is buggy & very clunky to use, in all fairness, there's better option for donation systems.

TRAnders rated

Well what can I say? This script is AMAZING! My server has been growing bigger and bigger now and handling donations can become quite some task especially when there isn't a staff member online. This donation page looks amazing its clean and fresh looking. The automatic donation feature works great. The amount of donations has rocketed as people love the fact that they obtain it instantly! If you are thinking about buying this BUY IT its incredibly cheap. And the support! This is probably the best thing! I had a few issues (Due to my own ignorance) And ng-vrondakis helped me through them all! With a quick response every time!

Nathan Spags rated

A cheap and good donation system. The best support you can get, this is a great donation system.

It is really practical addon of more the support answers really fast and great well helped me for the installation of the adon I recommend it more than all the developer the merit and the adon are more than of quality

cpmg rated

A really good donation system, it is a wonderful edition to my server. The support from ng-vrondakis was great. I recommend this to anyone looking for a simple, sleek and easy to setup donation system.

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