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PysCody rated

This script works amazingly, Installing wasn't hard as the DEV will help you if you have any questions at all even if they are simple! Put it in my MOTD and I've already started getting donations :) Excellent product

It's a good script with a nice layout, but trying to use this if you run multiple servers requires multiple installs which is a real pain in the ass. If this could be addressed it would be a 5 star.
The dev gave nice support with tickets, so if you are just running one server and require a donation system then this would be the one you want, but you are needing a Donation system for multiple servers then this may not be the one you want.

Kim rated

Great support, great addon, works like a charm. I would recommend this to every server owner. Rating: 10/10

Amazing support, ng-vrondakis has helped me with EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM that I have had! Script works awesome! Just put it in your MOTD!

Ze_ rated

Great script! Amazing help from the dev

Ptilly rated

Awesome Script, Awesome Support!

Zarconite rated

Great script, easy to use and looks neat. The support was top notch. Thanks!

Script is awesome, any problems I had were due to my own stupidity... :P Luckily the support is amazing and we have everything up and running!

Swift rated

The Script works very well and the support was great.

Desire rated

It took longer than expected to setup ( like an hour ) but I opened a ticket and it was resolved pretty quickly. The script works perfectly fine. 10/10 :)

I had a little trouble setting it up but that was due to my own lack of reading, incredibly easy, simple and professional. Good way to stop leaks and allows people to easily donate, love it!

Pazda rated

Awesome script, awesome support. I'm really bad at php and things and I was able to get it up in an hour's time. My playerbase is super happy with it, and it's already encouraging donations!

el Leaker rated

Best purchase on scriptfodder/coderhire ever. Not only was the script amazing and easy to use, but the support was superb. I got issues resolved in minutes. I would recommend this to everyone!

DanDaMan rated

10/10 IGN Confirmed. Good Service, Instant Donation Services (Given immediately upon payment, says may be unstable, no issues so far). A bit tricky to setup, even being pretty experienced with SQL and several donation systems, but if you read the instructions extremely carefully, its a cinch. Anywho, don't even look at another donation system, this is the only option.

Bob Hush rated

Hello. First of all I'd like to tell you guys about the coder it self. This guy is an amazing dude, which kept helping me with any problem I've had. If you thought to your self, because the price is not so high, that you won't get good support, you were wrong, you'll get GREAT support! This guy never gave up on any error I've had, which was only my stupid mistakes. If you think you won't manage to install it by your self, be sure that the instructions are very helpful, and if you got a small problem, he will instantly accept your friend request and answer you. About the script. This script is a unique donation script. If you try and compare it to other scripts you will find that this script is the best that was ever made. It is great for developers, since you can create custom LUA commands, and It's great for designers since you can basically edit everything you want through the website. You don't need any knowledge of anything, just a web hosting and a game server! I would like to thank vrondakis again for the awesome support he gave me, and you got this ratings from me: Script - 10/10 Support 10/10 Good luck with the sales!

Idean rated

Amazing script and amazing support.

Great script, easy to use, ng-vrondakis helps a lot and helps until you have set it up properly

McSniper rated

The best donation system I've ever seen! I used many different ones and this is the best one ever! I had to get support but that was because I stink at understanding instruments xD Anyways, if your server doesn't have this, you're missing out on a LOT of cool features. BUY THIS! :) There are no bugs/errors!!!

Covey rated

Great script, easy to use, easy to understand, and great support. The coder is very friendly and quick to respond. My donations have increased a ton since installing this script. Definitely worth the money.

Cossa6 rated

Excellent script - very logical layout of backend code which makes it easy to modify source if you know a bit of php. Works exactly as expected and have had no issues so far. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an easy to use donation system!

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