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McSniper rated

The best donation system I've ever seen! I used many different ones and this is the best one ever! I had to get support but that was because I stink at understanding instruments xD Anyways, if your server doesn't have this, you're missing out on a LOT of cool features. BUY THIS! :) There are no bugs/errors!!!

Covey rated

Great script, easy to use, easy to understand, and great support. The coder is very friendly and quick to respond. My donations have increased a ton since installing this script. Definitely worth the money.

Cossa6 rated

Excellent script - very logical layout of backend code which makes it easy to modify source if you know a bit of php. Works exactly as expected and have had no issues so far. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an easy to use donation system!

Brroot rated

Very good, Worth every penny. When I had an issue the coder helped me out real fast.

Jrt232 rated

Very good script, but can sometimes bug although I like the bootstrap choice.

phobos1011 rated

While I haven't had the chance to test it on my server with actual people buying ranks and items from the testing that my friends and I have done the script has done what it says it does, its works really well and fast and I haven't had any issues with it as of yet.

The support that the developer is giving is fast and friendly unlike some other developers I have worked with in the past.

While it could do with some improvements like having the options to have different categories that items and different servers could come under the product does what it says it does.

Overall works very well and the support is amazing.

332481717096 rated

Quick responding to support, extremely friendly, and an awesome product!

Gengar rated

Script, support, features - everything is amazing.

Henk rated

Never had any problems with this script, No problem installing it

Fluffen rated

I posted this in the comments before reviews were on the site but now they are here I'll just copy and paste.

Bought the plugin, works great! Look's sleek, works 100% of the time so far, it's easy to change and configure the items etc. As I am a bit of a noob I had a few questions about setting it up but ng-vrondakis added me on steam and walked through it. Made me feel a bit dumb but that's because most of the questions he get's are dumb and he knows his shit which is why I felt kinda stupid haha :) But never the less, he helped me 100% until it was up and working and I can't recommend enough! 10/10 Would Bang.

Manually assigned ihateobama rated

Flawless credit based donation system and great support, what more can you ask for 7$? I personally think this is worth at least 30$.

Usually, I wouldn't bother writing a review on here, but this time, I feel compelled to.

The coder is absoloutely amazing, both in terms of support and knowledge and will help you no matter how stupid your bug is. Had a bit of trouble with setup, so I dropped him a message and he was extremely helpful, although it turned out to be an issue on my side of the script where I didn't do something right. In terms of the donation system itself, it seems extremely well made and one of the most professional layouts I've seen, and I've bought around 3 donation systems including this one and none of them were really up to standard.

If your looking for a donation system with a coder which will fully support you, I'd cough up the $7 whilst you can. It's extremely worth it and I promise you, you won't regret it.

Amazing Support! Great script!

Great script, friendly support, but the style sheets need some working on.

Barney rated

Really good script, works perfectly and as intended. I recommend it.

Best donation system ever, and the support is amazing. You should really buy it :)

nmanClank rated

This script is the best donation system I have ever used! My community loves how easy it is to donate and get their stuff immediately! I'd recommend This to anyone who wants a professional clean donation system for gmod.

This is awesome. Recommended for anyone people for $7 this is a bargain

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